Federal Complaint Filed Against Russia Today!

America’s Survival, Inc. has filed a complaint over Russia Today Television network (RTTV) with the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The complaint states that RTTV provided air time for one of its employees, Adam Kokesh, to promote and raise funds for a 2012 American presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul, in apparent violation of the ban on political contributions and expenditures by foreign nationals.

The apparent purpose of this electioneering by a foreign corporation based in Russia is to divide and weaken the Republican Party as it enters the 2012 presidential election season, thus making it more likely that President Barack Obama and his political party will succeed.


I love Ron Paul’s economic views, but he must start distancing himself from the likes of paid Russian agent Adam Kokesh.


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15 thoughts on “Federal Complaint Filed Against Russia Today!

  1. Trevor you are losing credibility. You are making the case that Kokesh is trying to help Obama by helping Ron Paul? Supporting Ron Paul is an attempt to divide and weaken the Republican party? The republican party is divided and weak because it is rife with rino progressives, NWO neocons, frauds and scummy politicians of every stripe. The Republican party is divided and weak because brainwashed and brain dead Republican primary voters choose big government establishment candidates that are put forth by the main stream media like John McCain and Mitt Romney, not because of anything Adam Kokesh does or wishes to do. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that has based his entire life and career on defense and service to the Constitution and has tirelessly demonstrated that his only real concern is the survival of the Constitutional Republic as founded. You interpret support for him as an effort to reelect Obama? Very interesting.

    As far as some FEC rule having been violated by RT I can’t comment because I don’t know. That may well have happened. However RT engaging in some violation of FEC rules is one thing. Support of Ron Paul being construed as an attempt to help reelect Obama is another. It seems you are really stretching here. Why? Or maybe I’m missing something.

  2. Bravo, their intention is to confuse, meddle, sabotage and distort the electoral process. It serves the interests of the weak, muddy Soviet economy to have a weak USA.

    1. Indeed as it does with George Soros.

      The matter will also be decided down to the wire when the hidden warfare begins in earnest between Soros and those who seek to control the nation as well – for the nature of evil is to turn on one another before the end; only one will stand, and not the one anyone will expect…

      May God grant that it will be a free and soon to be restored AMERICA!!!

      Our best days are ahead of us.

  3. In my opinion there is only one way to deal with radicals and the socialist progressives (same thing in my book.)

    Place them on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, and launch one thermalnuclear weapon onto it. It tests the device out and gets rid of the radicals in one shot.

    1. Steady, Snow. While I understand your vehemence; your post lacks your usual thoughtfulness and erudition. The very reason that I like reading your stuff.

      1. NZKiwi:

        My apologies, sometimes when I write I wind up having to deal with a problem in the area and it just aggrivates me to no end.

        In the case of this communist paper and the manipulations its member is pulling with the Republican party (and to myself this is exactly what it is) smacks of the usual type of junk we see all too often around the world, and in the very left falling-off-the-cliff-into-the-swamps liberal media.

        Manipulation is the key of what they do, for their own ends and ideals. Obama is a radical and an agent of chaos; this is a golden opportunity for the Russians and communists to be able to knock the US down a few notches and lay a foundaiton for the future of their own moves.

        Russians are masters of the chess game, especially the fight for the middle of the board, the key ground masters learn to defend and attack in the same movement.

        Right now, the nation of America is this middle ground on the world chess board; and the conservative PEOPLE of AMERICA are the middle ground in the nation…

        Win against the people, via manipulation of their ideals and their leadership (discreditied or controlled), and you can gain position in the larger game of the world.

        As I say often, America plays poker, Russia and Iran play chess, China plays Go.

    2. The thought of that has popped into my mind on a number of occasions, especially lately.

      There is absolutely no cure for liberalism. They are totally devoid of any rational thought and clueless to the consequences of their utopian schemes.

    1. The really sad thing about this is that NO ONE who understands history of the socialists and the communists will be shocked or suprised…the manipulation and misdirection of political hacks and figures is common for them to this day, control from the outside and the inside and you can all but guarantee the people you want or wish to will be in office.

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