Captain of “Audacity of Hope” Gaza Flotilla Ship Arrested After Leaving Port Without Permission


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The usual suspects…

Code Pink communists and Obama supporters Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin confront Greek authorities after the ship was apprehended off the coast of Greece.

YNet News reported on the pro-Hamas activists:

Greek authorities have arrested the captain of a boat that was to be part of a Gaza-bound flotilla trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinian territory, officials said Saturday.

The 60-year-old captain, whose name was not released by authorities, was being held at Piraeus police headquarters and will remain there until a court hearing Tuesday.

Greece’s coast guard said the captain of the “Audacity of Hope” faces charges of trying to leave port without permission and of endangering the lives of the boat’s passengers. The latter charge is a felony.

The “Audacity of Hope” was carrying 36 passengers, four crew and about 10 members of the media. Its attempt to sail Friday night from the port of Perama, near Athens, was thwarted by coast guard speedboats.


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6 thoughts on “Captain of “Audacity of Hope” Gaza Flotilla Ship Arrested After Leaving Port Without Permission

  1. Peaceful, non-violent protesters who want to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza so that Hamas can import missiles, ammunition, and other war material to use against Israeli civilians.

    More power to Greece. I’ll remember this when I’m choosing my next vacation destination.

  2. It is tempting to encourage them to go and so receive some rough justice, but this would blow back on the Israelis – which is the idea, of course.

    There are not enough useful idiots on board to make the exercise worthwhile, unfortunately.

  3. Hey, I was starting to wonder where all those Code Pink idiots were and why they weren’t protesting all of Obama’s wars. Good to see they’re keeping themselves busy.

  4. While Moby Dick would be nice, the fact is fairly straight forward, they violated the maritime laws of the nation of Greece – hence they now need to pay for it in jailtime.

    They have been warned by the authorities of Greece that if they do leave the port for other destinations and head for Gaza anyway the ‘appropriate amount of naval force’ will be used for detention of them and the flotilla.

    These nutcases will most likely strike out anyway just to garner the worlds attention and blame Israel for the matter.

    God indeed is speaking for His people, and moving to their aid now in His mighty way.

  5. Where is Moby Dick when we need him. Maybe there is another Bermuda Triangle out there somewhere that will just swallow them all up and be done with it.

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