6 thoughts on “Ask the President: What Are You Going to do With $181 Billion Dollars if You’re Not Paying Bills?

  1. you dumb ass faggots dont you understand the fact that your capitalist idology is fucked up obama is not a fucking communist hes far from it hes a fucking faggot just like fucking trevor loudon hes a retard dont you see.

  2. OK I see the numbers but what I don’t understand is the ALL of the Federal governments expenses. Where are salaries of congress and all the other associated personnel. Building rents other federal employees like park workers, FBI, CIA BO personal stall and the like?
    I want to make sure we are seeing the whole picture.
    The video makes it seem like this is a non event. Why then have we raised the ceiling so many times and why are all the economists so concerned. Are they all stupid.

  3. I hate to do this because I despise the man’s politics, but in Obummer’s defense; note the vid uses AVG monthly cash inflows of ~181B yet FIXED monthly cash outflows of ~164B. Accordingly, there could be months where ACTUAL cash inflows are less than the FIXED outflows.

  4. What the h. e. double hockey-sticks IS he gonna do with that money? It’s my understanding that in the event a deal isn’t reached, BO assumes full “custody” of that 181 Billion, and at that point it’s spent purely on his own say-so… That scares the crap put of me. No wonder he can’t guarantee the checks will go out on the 3rd, because HE’S the one responsible for them…

    We need to get this loser out in 2012, even if the GOP opponent is a jar of bacon grease.

  5. The GOP leadership is use to fighting by the Marcus of Queensbury rules. We need politicians that are conservative “streetfighters”.

    Men that are not afraid to take our opponents on make their point and openly call people out by any means necessary.

  6. Obama and his associates including the media are accomplished “MARXISTS”!
    This whole scenario is right out of “HEGEL’S DIALECTIC” or if you prefer “The Hegelian Principle” which was used successfully by Karl Marx in bringing about communism!
    Obama has created the problem or the “THESIS” which of course is the need to raise the debt limit.
    Obama then with the help of his associates and the media, creates Fear, Panic and Political Hysteria or the “ANTITHESIS” simply by eluding to the idea that the United States will default on its financial obligations and he may not be able to pay social security etc. etc. etc. Of course the fact that Obama waited until the very last moment only adds to the urgency!
    Then Obama believing that the fear and panic of the ignorant masses applying pressure on congress would then produce the expected results or the “SYNTHESIS and he would save the day by increasing the debt limit he wanted and might even get the ignorant masses to approve a tax increase upon themselves!
    So Obama will be able to continue with his MARXIST agenda of transferring AMERICA’s wealth and destroying “AMERICA” from within, thanks to the ignorance of the american people and
    quite like Nikita Khrushchev told us as he beat his shoe on the podium, “COMMUNISM WILL BURY YOU FROM WITHIN”!

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