More Madison Marxists

The International Socialists are one of several Marxist groups active in the Madison Wisconsin “mini revolution”.


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9 thoughts on “More Madison Marxists

  1. This is hilarious, she was inspired by the Islamist protests in Egypt. People standing up and speaking their minds. I guess she missed all the hundreds of thousands of patriotic, hard working, veterans, families and America loving Tea Pary patriots, over the past 2 years. But then again, how would she have been inspired by us, we barely made the news. This is going to get very ugly folks! better prepare yourselves!

  2. So she is saying she wants to bring Egypt here. So she wants to overthrow the Obama Administration just like they got rid of Mubarak in Egypt.
    Wonder if she would feel the same way if she was about to die for her cause.

  3. Hi Miss Ellis, sounds like you have a firm grasp of the situation. I wonder how many years they'll still be spouting the Cheney and Haliburton drivel (hmm.. spelling checker thought I had misspelled Haliburton).

    I'd like to point out though that these folks were peddling their propaganda well before the collapse of the Soviet Union. I remember the anti-nuclear movement quite well with the goal that the US should unilaterally disarm to 'get the ball rolling' and the surely the Soviet Union and China would follow suit.

    One of these days I'd like to trace the many metamorphoses that the far left has gone through going back to the Vietnam War protests. Many names, many causes, same agenda.

  4. Miss Ellis,
    The wall came down but communism never died,it was a clever ploy all along like satan in the garden.
    On the other hand this is all a spirtual war,the man of lawlessness being revealed,children against parents,the nation perplexed and roaring as the sea,the book of Revelations in living color.

  5. yeah,stalin,hitler,mao,castro,
    chaves,they've seen what they offer and they want it,but then there are true satanists who know that story and want it,so I can't understand it.God please help us

  6. You know, sometimes I wonder if the wall remained in place and/or our red-fear had not been so easily alleviated by the collapse, would we have been more apt to catch the slow poisoning of our young people with the small doses of socialism fed overtime by their academic, athletic, and spiritual influences outside the home? It is remarkable 1. how confident these kids are in the 1/2 truths they have been sold and 2. how impenetrable they are to any information coming from older people…. These kids are wound tight with hair-trigger reflex-like rebuttals of hostile non-sense, delivered so hastily in flat-out rejection of anything that may intrude upon their bizarre perception of how repressed and victimized they are by capitalism and their dumb parents. They permit no fact to balance or straighten the asymmetry of their thinking; if they admit Marx Lenin and Engels choreographed the labor unions to root communism in the US, then they don't believe communism is so bad or they think it can be done right this time, because "something's gotta change, greed is killing and yada yada Cheney and well… Haliburton… so there"…
    Of course, for being such critics of capitalism and corporate sin, they have no problem tapping into the ill-gotten gains of their greedy capitalist parents. They advocate for the little guy so repressed, the rich should pay and how dare we secure US borders… but shovel a neighbors sidewalk? donate a % of christmas gift cash? let your sister use your hairdryer? hell no! they can't share their belongings, want nothing to do with taking turns, are baffled at giving for the sake of giving. Unshakable from the "I am owed" mentality and yet they haven't the patience, altruism, or dedication to strive for or invest in a delayed goal. For communist sympathizers, they sure don't have much of a sense of community, shared responsibility or commitment.
    Sad thing is there are enough of them that they may get their way, so impressed and inspired they are with the will of man to triumph in spontaneity for his "freedom" and slip out from under tyranny…So certain the right wing conspiracy is behind all warnings of the dangers facing the newly liberated… they may just have to experience what we fear….either way they'll listen to someone eventually- whether they want to or not. Impervious to logic that it is so much better to reason than to be forced to realize; so oblivious to reason that lost on them is the notion that the impact of a revolution is not measured by the accomplishments of those inspired to take out the old system but by the agenda exacted by those prepared to move in the new.
    I wish we could download a vision of the certain failure they beckon; a vision of the life for which they advocate… where ipods & starbucks become iconic memories of items once more valued than toilet paper and aspirin; may they come to reason rather than realize how quickly their new world will see their little protests transform from being cool to .. being grounds for imprisonment. God bless us all even those, no, especially those who have no clue…

  7. Did they not see the the violence and killings that went on in Cairo! Do they not see that Islam is the flame that awaits the world as goverments fall! Are these people really so dam ignorant?

  8. Thank you, Trevor. I'm shaking my head while watching this. Is there any hope for them?

    Please don't judge the people in the US by those on the video. What did Lenin call them – useful idiots?

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