Belarus Based Blogger Beinghad, Bags Baaaabes

Is this a declaration of war?

Belarus based blogger Adam Goodman of Beinghad has insulted Kiwi feminity in this vicious smear circulated by email.

Every nation has its unique mating preferences and New Zealand is no exception. This is an integral part of Kiwi culture and is part of what makes us the great nation we are. It is something to be celebrated, not insulted.

Kiwi men are very protective of their baaaabe’s honour and will not see their virtue questioned.

The relationship between Kiwi men and their baaaabes is something special…almost sacred.

These baaabes are not cheap phone sex workers. They are decent females waiting patiently for a call from their menfolk returning from the rugby.

Nothing sheap or tawdry, nothing smutty, just a wholesome scene, typical of rural New Zealand on any winter Saturday afternoon.

Withdraw and apologise sir, or your beloved Belarus will face the consequences!


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3 thoughts on “Belarus Based Blogger Beinghad, Bags Baaaabes

  1. I’ve romanced a few hoggets in my time Trev.
    But at my age most of it is now mutton dressed up as lamb.


  2. The good old days. A phone call cost tuppence and down on the farm tupping was enjoyed by farm boys and rams alike.


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