Left Set to Capture Canada

Despite the Stephen Harper’s Conservatives gainining the most seats in October’s Canadian General election, Canada may soon be ruled a far left coalition government.

While the socialist leaning Liberals were heavily defeated, the combined seats of the far left New Democratic Party and the communist infiltrated Bloc Quebecois could theoretically form a government.

Normally the NDP and BC will guarantee supply and confidence to the largest party in Parliament, whether left or right, but they are now threatening to band together to roll the Conservatives.

Canada’s communists are egging them on.

From the website of Communist Party of Canada offshot

A Liberal-NDP coalition supported by the Bloc Quebecois to oust the Harper Conservatives may be taking shape. The Conservative Government is maneuvering desperately to remain in power. A non-confidence motion may happen next week.

Organized labour and the non-sectarian left must support the ousting of the Harper Conservatives. No progress for working people can occur with the Conservatives in power. Failure to defeat Prime Minister Harper and administer a rebuff to his reactionary anti-labour pro-war government may mean months of inaction and the opportunity for the extreme right to regroup before another election is called. Any corporate backroom deals to keep the Conservatives in power must be exposed and rejected.

A Parliamentary crisis resulting from the collapse of the capitalist economy must be seen for what it is, a moment of opportunity for labour and the popular movements to move into action and influence events and press demands for peace and democratic economic renewal.

That’s communist “democracy” for you.


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2 thoughts on “Left Set to Capture Canada

  1. True Anne-Canada has been pretty socialist for years-much like NZ.

    If Americans think socialist medicine is so cool, they should live here for a while.

    Bitching about the health service is a national hobby in NZ.

  2. Hey Trevor,

    Believe it or not, its been there for a long time. Someone I know for year s that I chat with on an online support group had an argument via email with me about being afraid of a little *socialism* and socialist medicine.
    Well, he didn’t win that argument. Before I was unable to work anymore, I was a Registered Nurse almost 10 years in New York. I informed that person how his country- Canada and other countries would send people to New York for medical care, and I had a number of them as patients. I told him Canada’s medical care was lousy *grin*. Needless to say, he never mentioned it again LOL.

    Anne 🙂

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