2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin on the Arizona Killings

  1. I still believe that Sarah Palin is a communist. See the links on her ties to the Alaskan Independence Party and how she supports redistribution of wealth.
    Anatoliy Golitsyn in his book New Lies For Old on page 211 wrote: "The indications are that the false opposition was created in Czechoslovakia and

    that the struggle between alleged liberals and alleged conservatives was staged

    on the pattern established in the Soviet Union by Khrushchev and Shelepin."

    Both sides are in actual fact being controlled.



    Conservative anti-Communists should know, that if you read what Jan Sejna said about Czechoslovakia's fraudulent "velvet revolution," that only false anti-Communists are allowed to rise to public acclaim. I'm surprised by how many solid, constitutional conservatives have been taken in.
    Do you honestly think that McCain who is pro-communist would choose a true conservative to be his running mate.

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