Russia Today "Talks Up" New York Marxists

Russian propaganda mouthpiece Russia Today, is as virulently anti American as was Pravda at the height of the first Cold War (this is the second, the US just doesn’t realize it yet).

Here is Russia Today talking up the comrades at New York’s Brecht Forum.


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5 thoughts on “Russia Today "Talks Up" New York Marxists

  1. Nothing like the works of Stalin to make you feel all warm and fuzzy! What a Guy!!! Don't they know retards are the first to die!

  2. Great Comments.
    I can't figure why these highly enlightened morons don't just go to places where commie utopia is allready in progress.One reason i'm sure is because our social services support their lazy asses while they plot against the very hand that feeds them.They must refer to old ass bearded wierdo's to even produce a thought for them otherwise they wouldn't even have those.I have seen America in it's glory with my own eyes,I wish my children could say that too.

  3. No, not in shades of grey.

    In shades of red, as blood trickles down their face from the dark, sinister looking hole in the center of the communists foreheads!

    NEVER in America.

    Not in my lifetime anyway.


  4. It's amazing how they always think they're so intellectual, taking part it "discourse". These are some of the dumbest people to ever walk the face of the Earth.

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