2 thoughts on “Hannity On Hate From the Left

  1. After watching the film on this site "The Soviet Story", I really have to wonder if liberals aren't actually being brainwashed to to point where some time in the future, they will actually liquidate conservative Republicans?

    This may sound far fetched, but when one studies the history of the left, of Socialism, and Communism, eradicating about 10% of the population was a tactic they used.

    In Rwanda, the government actually used the rhetoric of genocide, and then they actually called for the genocide of the Tutsi's. This is a fact.

    I for one, do not trust them one, tiny, iota. There is something really scary about how they actually have no limits whatsoever.

    We need more spies on the other side.

  2. Recently I read a book and in it was the expression "Psychological Projection". This expression, coined by Sigmund Freud, was used to describe a situation where what one person accused another of either doing or saying was really a case of them projecting their own wishes. So when you are attacked and accused of hate, being a bigot, or worse just remind them of what Sigmund Freud said and they will probably shut up.

    Here is a fuller description of the term at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection. Its quite scary when you see these people screaming at someone and you realize your looking at a human hand grenade that is waiting to go off. Like it did in Tucson; just last week.

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