Forget Climate Taxes – Climate Always Changes and Man Must Adapt.

 More common sense from Australia’s Carbon Sense Coalition.

Forget Climate Taxes –  Climate always Changes,  and Man must Adapt.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused Western Governments of massive waste of community savings on frivolous climate “research” and alternative energy toys while neglecting the infrastructure needed to maintain sustainable societies in the face of an unknown climate future.
The Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said that none of the massive government climate spending has produced anything of long term use to the people paying their bills.
“The US government spends over two thousand million dollars on “climate research” but the recipients were completely unable to forecast the frigid winter they are now suffering. That money would be better spent on snow ploughs and highway improvements.
“Australian governments are spending at least eight hundred million dollars on “climate research”, but were unable to forecast the massive floods now affecting much of Australia. That money would have been better spent on water storage and flood-proofing roads, bridges and airports.
“The UK Government plans to spend one thousand million pounds on carbon capture and burial schemes and untold billions on wind power subsidies, but wind provided almost zero power when needed in the recent freeze. In places, the wind towers actually consumed electricity to protect them from frost damage. UK residents would have been better off had all of that money been spent on reliable power sources and snow-proof infrastructure.
“It is time for all western politicians to recognise climate reality. Changing climate and weather extremes are enduring features of earth’s history. This reality exists even if not one elected member recognises it.
“Change is what climate does – floods or droughts, stinking hot or snow storms, stilly nights or violent hurricanes.
“The cycles of ice age extinctions and verdant warm eras are well recorded in earth history. Only 17,000 years ago, much of the northern hemisphere was covered in ice and sea levels were 130m lower. Then followed a long warm period with several peaks hotter than today. This time of warm abundance was terminated by a sudden return of the cold.
“But good times returned with the Roman Warming. It was not Roman use of coal which caused the warming and no carbon tax triggered the lethal Dark Ages cooling which followed.
“Then, with no help from man’s carbon dioxide, earth recovered into the Medieval Warming Period but soon slipped back into the bitter Little Ice Age that helped defeat Napoleon’s Grand Army in Russia.
“Finally, well before man’s engines and smelters became numerous, the Modern Warming started.
“Unfortunately, this warming too will end when the earth, moon, sun and stars command. Taxing carbon to subsidise green playthings will not stop the floods, prevent the snow or change future climate.
“Man must do what every one of our ancestors did – adapt to climate change or suffer the consequences.”

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3 thoughts on “Forget Climate Taxes – Climate Always Changes and Man Must Adapt.

  1. This Carbon Tax Theory is nonsense. Climate will change. It always does. If we can use green energy that is good. However in the mean time YOU had better rely on more than that to get what energy we need. Carbon dioxide is not the problem it is made out to be. Politicians, on the other hand, ARE the problem. I thank GOD everyday for the new crop of NON-Politicians entering Government in my country of the USA. Perhaps the change we need will finally come.

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