Mark Ritchie File 3 Who Funds Minnesota’s Radical Secretary of State? Socialists, Communists and George Soros

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You can tell a lot about a politician’s true allegiances by identifying who funds him.

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie poses as a moderate, but is in fact an hard core leftist, with ties to several socialist organizations.

This becomes important, because part of Ritchie’s job is to oversee electoral recounts. In 2009 Ritchie gave a crucial Senate seat to leftist and former comedian Al Franken, though his Republican opponent was ahead on election night.

Soon Ritchie will oversee a recount that could put his long time colleague and fellow leftist Mark Dayton into the Minnesota Governor’s mansion.

In the knife edge world of U.S. politics, every seat counts.

That is why the left, feeling cheated after George Bush won the 2004 presidential election (after controversial recounts in Florida) established the Secretary of State Project, to fund and elect leftist Secretaries of State. Mark Ritchie was one of the first to benefit from this initiative.

A look at Ritchie’s funders lists for his 2006 and 2010 Secretary of State campaigns reveal a whole host of interesting names.

There are members of America’s largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America, founders of Ritchie’s old socialist New Party and leading members of the Communist Party USA (not surprising given Ritchie’s high level contacts with that group).

Others are affiliated to high level leftist think tanks and “non profits” such as the Center for American Progress, Institute for Policy Studies, Democracy Alliance and the Tides Center.

There are also several leaders of the anti Israel, socialist infiltrated organization, JStreet.

A couple of pro-Cuban activists appear on the list as does a former associate of the infamous Weathermen.

Others who wrote out checks to Mark Ritchie’s campaign includes a former Vice President of the United States and the man who “broke the bank of England”.

Several keen Barack Obama supporters also pop up,

Ritchie’s 2006 funders list includes:

2010 added more interesting names to the list:

Why would some of America’s leading radicals write checks to support an obscure Secretary of State race in Minnesota?

Would they have supported someone who didn’t think like them? Someone who wouldn’t see politics the same way they do?

Many of the radicals who backed Mark Ritchie – the Communist Party USA , Democratic Socialists of America and George Soros, are using the Democratic Party as a front to take power in America.

These people want Democrats, preferably “progressive” Democrats to to win every possible race, at every level. A sympathetic Secretary of State can be very helpful to this agenda.

Would these radicals have financed Mark Ritchie if they couldn’t trust him to give them what they want?

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3 thoughts on “Mark Ritchie File 3 Who Funds Minnesota’s Radical Secretary of State? Socialists, Communists and George Soros

  1. Walter Mondale Former US Democratic Vice President, could have become a president. Lawlessness is a democratic Party secret weapon.

  2. Wow, strange to see that Mark Dayton contributed to the campaign of the man who will handle his recount. This makes me wonder how many of these progressives also donated $$ to other Sec. of State races throughout the country. My gut tells me that they only supported the races in which "like-minded" progressives were running or those that were part of the Sec. of State project.

    Great post.

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