8 thoughts on “Allen West on the Arizona Killings

  1. Yeah yeah yeah….West Wist Wost….a carpetbagger lookin' for the gold nothin' more.

    Probably already on the payroll of some fetid old Texan oil fascist….just like Trevvy Boy.

    Trevvy Boy, ex-ZAP, the wickedly undistinguished baker of yeasty buns from Oxford. No, not England….Canterbury, New Zealand.

    Where he graced the most unsought after position of VP of ACT….NZ's parliamentary lunatic fringe. Funny, Trevvy Boy's always been into three letter acronyms – ACT, ZAP, FOX, BEK.

    Google him….just for a laff. With your Tea Farty etc you're all far too serious. You need a laff !

    Kia Ora my bros'….

  2. The Birkenstocks comment made my day. Congressman Col. Allen West is the future of the Conservative Party. Get used to it.

  3. Much to the dismay of the Libs Allen West is a Black Man and a Conservative. I believe he is the real deal. I would vote for him for President. A Man of Honor instead of the Incompetent-in-Chief we now have.

  4. It's extraordinarily entertaining to witness folks like the commenter above, Steve Nice Guy Northland, reveal how Lt. Col. Allen West makes them quake in their Birkenstocks.

    Go West!

  5. Allen West is an Anrmy Ranger and has the right to say what he wants. He is a pure patriot and to following him into battle would be a privledge on my part. All of you racist commie's can now go take a flying leap into a pile of sh–!

  6. Alan West personifies the true American ideal of individual achievement and initiative.

    He is not one of those covet their neighbor's goods liberals who make a career out of perpetual victimhood and expects to be provided for from their fair share of the plunder of their neighbor's property. It is the unearned subsidies of the liberal money machine that is causing the destruction of our freedoms.

    Anyone prefering an Obama Marxist utopia should go live in Cuba or North Korea for awhile. People are risking their lives to get out of there. Funny those people who complain about America never leave.

  7. Allen West is a carpetbagger looking for the gold !

    You guys love blacks like him…..but only to the extent that right-wing money and promise of personal advantage can control them.

    That's why you're in a years long state of vomit that the Big O' made it to the White House without a debt to you guys.

    History's studded with easily bought off, carpetbagger slaves.

  8. Keep your eye on Mr. Allen- he is made of the right stuff. We are looking for a few more like him. Actually we are looking for a lot more like him!

    -Native Texan with roots here since 1849

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