Chinese Communist Party Leader Meets Dem, GOP Leaders

This is not healthy.

From the website of the Communist Party of China International Department

Washington DC December 1. Senior officials of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the U.S. government held discussions here Wednesday on exchanges between the CPC and major U.S. political parties.

Wang Jiarui, visiting minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Acting U.S. Secretary of State James Steinberg, also talked about other issues of mutual interest during their meeting.

Wang said with close attention and guidance from top Chinese and U.S. leaders, all sectors of the two countries have forged the consensus on the importance of building a positive, cooperative and comprehensive bilateral relationship for the 21st century, as well as a partnership to address common challenges.

Political parties from both sides need to exchange views candidly through dialogues on overall, strategic and long-term issues concerning the development of bilateral relationship, said Wang, who is leading a CPC delegation here to attend the 2nd High-level Dialogue of Political Parties between China and the United States.

Such dialogues, he said, will help promote mutual strategic trust, and provide new platforms and dynamics for long-term, sound and steady growth of relations between the two countries.

Steinberg, for his part, said the framework laid down by U.S. and Chinese heads of state has helped elevate bilateral relationship to a level of maturity.

The United States will stick to fundamentals of its policies toward China regardless of whatever changes that may happen in the country’s political environment.

Steinberg said that the U.S. side attaches great importance to the visit by the CPC delegation headed by Wang and its upcoming dialogue with both Democratic and Republican Parties, saying that such a channel of communication could play an important role in propelling the long-term growth of the U.S.-China relationship.

Wang was invited by both Democratic and Republican Parties to attend the two-day dialogue, which opens Thursday.


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2 thoughts on “Chinese Communist Party Leader Meets Dem, GOP Leaders

  1. Yep that's commie utopia for ya.When we're done with you,you are done.Also the harvesting part is incidental to this New Healthcare stuff,it explains the urgency.Obama had to get shit in order for his new boss.Know what would have helped some economys,saving the money lots of parents have spent to have their children indoctrinated by these idiots like Bill Ayers and Bernadine,(cop killer),Dohrn.

  2. Was Bill Ayers invited? He needs to receive thanks form the Chinese for his part in the ingenius undermining of the USA.. "koodos commrade Ayers" they will say.."we never could have taken America down without your help at dummying down the American people. Now you are useless and we will harvest your organs, finding a young Chinese boy to take your evil brain."

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