Communists Worked in Patty Murray’s Campaign

The Communist Party USA now barely tries to hide the fact that it has heavily infiltrated the Democratic Party.

One communist who is shameless in his support for the Democrats is Tim Wheeler, former editor of the People’s World.

While mainly resident in Baltimore, Tim Wheeler grew up on a dairy farm near Sequim, Washington State, the son of lifelong Party member and one time O.S.S. officer and Soviet spy Donald Niven Wheeler.

Tim Wheeler, with his wife and comrade Joyce Wheeler, was back in his home town recently campaigning for leftist Democratic Party Senator Patty Murray.

Tim Wheeler, third from left

Tim Wheeler writes in the Peoples World,

The highest profile election victory here Nov. 2 was the reelection of Sen. Patty Murray. She defeated Republican Dino Rossi by more than 100,000 votes.

I was asked to coordinate street-corner “waves” for Murray here in my hometown. We could tell Murray was doing well by the number of motorists, especially women, who honked and gave us the thumbs-up salute, far outnumbering the Republicans who gave us a sour look and the thumbs-down.

My wife Joyce and I spent one afternoon canvassing for Murray up on Bell Hill, where my family once owned a dairy farm. It is now crowded with luxury homes with panoramic views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Mount Baker.

One wealthy resident told me she had already mailed in her ballot, marked for Patty Murray, and was “praying for our country,” that voters reject the lies of the rightwing demagogues. I told her that in my youth, I herded cows on what is now her front lawn…

Washington State voters helped put up a firewall against the ultra-right in reelecting Murray, blocking a GOP majority takeover of the Senate. Victory was won when the coalition of unions and other progressive organizations succeeded in getting out the vote.

In early 2008 Tim Wheeler, his wife Joyce and another Communist Party USA couple Jim Baldridge and Margaret Baldridge were all active members of Party “friend” Barack Obama’s Baltimore operation – organizing canvassing, phone banking and general campaign work.

Tim Wheeler and his friend Rev. Pierre L. Williams of Baltimore also canvassed for Obama in South Carolina in January 2008

It is chilly and threatening rain but the media is predicting a record voter turnout of people fired up by Obama’s message of hope. I rode down from Baltimore on a bus with 40 other volunteers. It was chartered by three members of the Maryland General Assembly who have kept us working diligently since we arrived. Nights we sleep on the gymnasium floor of the Y, strewn with mostly youthful volunteers from as far away as California…

I have been canvassing with a friend, Rev. Pierre Williams, a United Methodist minister in Baltimore. We got a vivid feel for just how deeply Obama’s message is resonating here going door-to-door in a working class neighborhood yesterday.”

Tim Wheeler doesn’t say it, but Rev. Williams is a member of the Communist Party’s Religious Commission.

So dedicated to his Christian mission was Pierre Williams that he was convicted in 1999 of defrauding the United States Department of Education by using false social security numbers in order to secure $29,500 in guaranteed student loans. Specifically, Williams pled guilty to one count of Student Assistance Fraud before the Honorable Thomas F. Hogan of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

The student loan was to fund Williams’ master’s degree in Divinity at the Wesley Theological Seminary.

Yep, sons of spies, communists and “Christian” fraudsters – the backbone of today’s Democratic Party.


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4 thoughts on “Communists Worked in Patty Murray’s Campaign

  1. Yes indeed, 'anonymous', "History shouts it to us". If people would only see what's right before them, and start hearing what they're listening to.

    Communist lice love to craft their victims' doom right in front of them, as a sort of in-your-face gag beloved of Elite swine and the marxist street thugs who do their goonwork.

    Sorta like extending one's middle finger during a debate, knowing full well the idiot capon media won't even report it, much less do anything about it.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    21 November, 2010

  2. Indeed, as astute commenters above note, communists first, last, and always, kill their own.

    And under communism, the killing never stops. There's always new 'enemies' to eliminate.

    These rich dingbats in Washington State, in their homes on the hills by the sea, will be shocked when the thugs come for them.

    The Left is hate. Hate is the left. Communism is about killing, looting, and more killing.

    That bullshale about 'from each according to his needs' is just sucker bait to lure in more victims.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    21 November, 2010

  3. It never fails to amaze me — wealthy people "praying" for the success of Communists and their fellow travelers. WHY? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?

    Do they think the Communists will leave the wealthy alone? Do they think they are immune? Do they not understand the Cold War? the Iron Curtain? Mao? Lenin? Stalin? Fidel?

    Or do they think that Communism has truly changed into some kind of benevolent socialism?

    Marxists eat their own. Why can't people see that? History SHOUTS it to us.

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