Who Are We?

We are based in Auckland, but have branches all over New Zealand and over 20,000 members.

In the last few years we have been aggressively recruiting, mainly targeting low income pakeha, Maori and Pacific Islanders. We’re sometimes accused of exploiting vulnerable people. Someone has to look after them. they can’t do it by themselves.

These people give us money every week. Many of our leaders are well off. Many of our recruits hope that by joining us they and their families will enjoy a more affluent lifestyle. In the meantime they must not stop those weekly payments or they’re out on their ear.

Some who have recently left us have faced threats and abuse. Longstanding friendships have been ended. Serves them right, they deserve it.

We are not an openly political organisation, but do try to influence elections and political events.

We are known for mass rallies, closed fist salutes and are often seen as intimidating. We are just trying to get our point across.

We are seen as intolerant and menacing, closed minded and backward thinking. What’s the problem?

Our leader loves poor people and helps them by owning substantial property, which generates work for such people.

Our leader is also known on occasion to ride a powerful Harley Davidson motorcycle.

We are here to help.

If you’re still not sure who we are, go here.


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4 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. “when workers rights are under attack we stand up fight back! “
    -and charge them a princely sum for our support. Which is fair because workers are too stupid to stand up for themselves and BMW’s don’t run on sentiment ya know.

  2. yea it seemed like destiny for a long time, the whole fisted salutes, motorcycles and 20,000 poor exploited poor people. Destiny bullys the poor 🙁 the NDU bullys employers.

    “when workers rights are under attack we stand up fight back! “

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