Communists Work to Build Party in the South

Although hundreds of Southerners have joined the Communist Party USA, ” many of them have never had a sit-down discussion with a party leader”.

Scott Marshall, center front

To correct that situation and to boost numbers in the Communist party’s weakest region Illinois based Party Vice Chairman Scott Marshall and North Texas comrade Jim Lane plan a tour of Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, November 11-24.

The CPUSA New Members Committee sent out an invitation:

“Interest in the Communist Party USA is rising across the South. We have gotten inquiries about our party, our program, our philosophy and our strategy, from all the Southern states. Many are asking how to join and become active. Many also want to know how we are organized and how to form clubs or study groups. Many have also participated in our on-line webinars and discussions. Because of this interest, and because we are seeing clusters of inquiries from areas of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Kentucky, we are planning a two week trip through these areas….”

According to Jim Lane the CPUSA has a “rich tradition in the South, and there are a number of longtime comrades scattered here and there. Additionally, young people are more and more realizing that capitalism has no solutions for them and are seeking information from CPUSA.”

In addition, Marshall and Lane intend to report regularly to CPUSA publications so that “all progressives in America can better understand Southerners and one another.”


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4 thoughts on “Communists Work to Build Party in the South

  1. agree on the public school comment
    The "interest" in communism is because people are not being taught what capitalism actually is and being told that "crony caplitalism" is true capitalism.
    Then of course they neglect to leave out the true results of communism, just present the flowery ideas.

  2. I'm from Alabama and this is the first I've heard of this. The deep south is not a very hospitable region for communists. Sadly, the state of affairs for young people here is nothing short of indoctrination. Therefore I suspect they will attract not only the omnipresent smug college communist, but also a myriad of confused, angry and sadly stupid teenagers. I thank God though that the South has been more resistant to the leftist dogmatic sprawl that has dominated New England and the Rust Belt.

  3. The problem is that they are teaching this in our public schools. This is why the increased interest in communism.

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