Mark Blaug to Speak in Christchurch

Prof. Mark Blaug Lecture Christchurch Monday 19th March

Canterbury University Economics Department has extended an invitation to ACT supporters and other interested parties to hear Professor Mark Blaug speak on “Congestion Charging“.

While Aucklanders suffering from traffic congestion in the central business district rally against congestion charges, economists see congestion charges as an ideal solution to Auckland’s problems. Why do economists like road charges so much? Mark Blaug, Professor of Economics at the University of Amsterdam and Professor Emeritus at the University of London, speaks at this year’s Condliffe Memorial Lecture.

The Condliffe Memorial Lecture will be held 19 March, 5:30 pm at Our City O-Tautahi, corner of Oxford Tce and Worcester Street Bridge.

The lecture is free, but as food is provided, numbers need to be known in advance. Please RSVP to


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2 thoughts on “Mark Blaug to Speak in Christchurch

  1. I’d like to know if the lecture and the introduction of the speaker are being recorded and a link on the web?

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