Is THAT the Best You Can do Obama?


A quick note to all our well wishers. We got a huge fright at 4.30 this morning. NZ gets plenty of earthquakes, but this was the worst I’ve ever experienced. As I type this, another aftershock is shaking the house.

We rushed out of bed, grabbed the kids and stood under door jambs. It went on forever.

No damage to our house, other than a couple of broken ornaments. Major damage in parts of Christchurch. The quake was centered 20 miles west of where I sit now.

Buildings are down, pipes ruptured, bridges twisted, roads cracked and flooded. My parents house a little north of here lost a chimney.

Miraculously no reported fatalities so far, but several reported injuries, some serious.

Power has just come back on, as has internet, could be major problems with water in Christchurch as so many pipes are wrecked. Parts of the town are already boiling water.

Airport is closed-flying to US tomorrow, so hopefully it will be open soon.

Big Rugby League game tonight on TV, so glad power is back on. LOL.

Thanks again for all your messages.

Tracey and the children are overwhelmed with your concern and your kindness.

Thank you all

Trevor Loudon

PS Is THAT the best you can do Obama?


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17 thoughts on “Is THAT the Best You Can do Obama?

  1. Just a warning.
    Do not go to a door frame when in an earthquake. The new research shows you want a Triangle of life approach.
    Here a very good video about this:

  2. I'm from New Orleans…so I know what it is like to lose my high school, and many of the old "hangouts" of my younger days. Its hard to not be able to bring your children to those places and show them where you spent your time when you were young. All I can say is gather up as many pictures as you can…and you will always have the memories….My prayers are with you and all those affected….

  3. Just woke up and saw it on Fox & Friends and was about to email you to check in. Good to hear you're okay.
    20 miles out and no damage? Good deal, considering they were showing pictures of the fronts of buildings collapsed into the street.

  4. Trevor,

    Glad you and yours are SAFE… and thankful AND grateful for your diligent efforts for LIBERTY.


  5. We are glad for the safety of your family, and hope for no further timult. We God fearing Americans wish you well. Obama will not until you NZ'rs acknowledge your malfeasance of Muslims. For that, I apologize.

  6. Glad to hear things are safe with you! Hope the Airport will bring u to our country. With that being said, What will you be doing in America? You need to shake up a few more folks here!! Stay safe!

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