2 thoughts on “Oliver North, US Troops Veterans Day Video

  1. I thought I had before I got accepted and so glad I am that you make it hard. I was so very moved by Col Norths story about young men fighting in Afghanistan, impressed by your research into Obama, who has the time to read what you have amassed.(Rest assured I will)The Queen was here this week and thousands and thousands stood in 90+F waiting and applauding her every move. She showed serenity, tenacity, endurance, duty and all the attributes of a time gone by. Yes, Col North showed the young troops display these same attributes. Canada is pretty weak kneed in some areas but I think we still can stand up for freedom. And we do have the best record for economic growth in the G8*. I was pretty critical of my own home Canada, being 6th generation, but now I feel with all the cuts we endured in the 90s (as you did), we are OK. Anyway, I must thank Glenn Beck for telling me about your site and Jeremy Hoop. Kudos to you and never feel alone. Canucks, Aussies, Kiwis and Brits all hung together esp in the Pacific theatre. I've talked to survivors, many sadly gone, but they felt great comradeship with anyone from the Empire as they told me, today they would say the Commonwealth, even if it includes Tulvalu, what, one foot above sea level? Anyway, nice to get this off my chest where I have been holding it for 40 years. CHEERS!!

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