8 thoughts on “"Goodbye Sweetheart, Hello Vietnam"

  1. Ronbo …

    I agree the pro communist liberals in US government stuck the final blade into the back of the military. From that point the communists have been gaining more and more power in the US .

    You as a soldier are correct about winning all the major engagements. But our leadership / command was out smarted by the NV.
    The NV'S combined a smart political campaign as well as a solid military stategy. Its a terrible page in Americas history … but our troops are not to blame for any of that.

    Thanks for your service..

  2. I served in that war many moons ago in U.S. Army Military Intelligence, or as an old infantry NCO called us, "Army Tourists" who arrived on the scene after the battle was won, took pictures and secured enemy documents/POWs.

    The Vietnam War ended in victory for the USA – We won all the major battles and our military withdrew in 1973 in good order with our POWs returned and a peace treaty signed.

    Of course, in 1975 the Communist overthrew the Republic of Vietnam, but only because our Democrat controlled House & Senate cut off the fuel and ammunition for the Republican Army of Vietnam.

    Therefore, the 50,000 plus servicemen who gave their lives for America during the Vietnam War were stabbed in the back by traitors in Washington, D.C.


  3. This song always has taken me to warm breezy day in 1965….

    I was not born yet …but I imagine a sandy haired 18 yr old walking down a Delaware beach. Holding the hand of his summer love and clueless of the horror about to face him. No horror can touch them in the shore breeze and the glowing sun…

    I imagine ..a thin 18yr old sitting at a dark clanking diner along the PA Turnpike … his darling smoking ciggaretts trying to hide her fear ..trying to smile trying to understand ..slipping a dime into the table jukebax and wishing to be far way.

    We owe them ..we owe them the fight for freedome.

  4. we beat the Hell out of Charlie!

    But you cant win a War from D.C. or Paris
    You win it in Country;the Politico's
    wine and dine on your dime.
    Let the special forces of all Countries who are with us WIN.

  5. As Jan states, the misrepresentation of the Vietnam war was the start of our decline. And now, those responsible for creating the misrepresentation are leading the Progressive charge.

  6. We lost – they won. The Viet-Cong now occupy the White House. 58,000 of my commrads died for nothing.

  7. The danger we face now is viewing history using "presentism." Vietnam was a much misunderstood war and we are the worse off because it was so misrepresented. It really was the start of our decline.

    How refreshing it would be if history was taught as it used to be taught. A way to learn and not repeat the mistakes of the past. I fear my country is doomed.

  8. I never listened to the whole song beyond what was played during the opening scene of Full Metal Jacket. Thanks for sharing.

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