"Stop the War" – on Carbon

Here’s a “peace” movement worth supporting.

From the Carbon Sense Coalition

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called for an end to the suicidal war on carbon.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, rejected green claims that coal was dirty and carbon dioxide was a pollutant.

“Carbon is being demonized because of man’s production of carbon dioxide. This campaign started as a scare on global warming.

“As the warming failed to eventuate, that morphed into a campaign trumpeting “climate change”.

“As the public became sceptical that man controlled the climate, the campaign slogans changed to “air pollution” and “clean” energy.

“The aim of this campaign now is to cripple the coal industry because combustion of coal produces carbon dioxide which is tarred as a “pollutant”.

“However carbon is the most valuable element on our planet.

“It is the building block of all life on earth, and has always provided the food, clothing and most of the energy and building materials for every human being.

“Carbon dioxide is the key link in the cycle of life on earth. It feeds the world.

“Coal is derived from plant material. It is as clean as the most fertile soil and as “green” as any forest.

“Because it was derived from plant material, every constituent in coal is a valuable atmospheric and soil nutrient needed to maintain healthy plans and animals.

“Anything can be harmful if too concentrated. We will drown in 100% water, suffocate in 100% carbon dioxide and be unable to breathe in 100% oxygen.

“The worst pollution in the world is caused by millions of poor people burning poor fuels in dirty open fires. Clean electric energy from modern coal fired power stations will abolish the smog.

“To wage war on carbon is to wage war on life.”

We laugh at the bloodletters and the snake oil merchants of the past.

How will the future judge the voodoo climate “science’ of the 21st century?


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  1. very good, except 100% oxygen works well via masks pilots have handy in airplane cockpits– gets you down safely in a rapid decompression. great for hangovers too!

    It helps cardiovascular impaired patients stay alive too

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