Hezbollah in Mexico?

This should be front page news across America.

Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorists infiltrating the U.S. with the help of pro-communist Venezuela and Mexican drug cartels.


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6 thoughts on “Hezbollah in Mexico?

  1. The USA cannot possibly prevent the Jihadists' invasions of our exceptional nation.

    The nations that fund the Jihad and nurture the murderers must stop it before it gets to us.

    The USA should formally declare war on Jihadism and warn the nations' supporting Jihadism that any connection found between them and the attackers will result in complete economic and diplomatic isolation for a minimum X period of time. Including:

    Freezing of all USA based assets, and banking transactions.

    No airliner, cargo plane, or military flights from/to that nation

    No United Nations privileges, a ban on attendance of all UN matters in the USA. No diplomatic exceptions on flight ban in and out of USA.
    Results: Jihadists are captured and funding ended, or

    Terrorist banking will be out of USA
    UN will leave USA

    No Jihad supporting commerce with USA
    Win Win.

    We must have a President who will do these commander-in-chief like things to reassert, that which was never lost, America's world dominance. Without fear and respect American exceptionalism cannot be triumphant.

  2. Guys the Monster has been unleashed and it's going to get bad I fear.These godless bastards do not have the best interests of mankind in mind.Stay prayed up and remember our children,we can't leave them this mess.Hang on to all the likeminded,we're in this together.God plus one is a majority.

  3. Whatever the Communists have promised to the Hezbollah, they will never receive it, they'll be killed after they serve their purpose.

    It's hard to believe sometimes that these groups are still stupid enough to believe in the Communist promises.

    Hezbollah should watch the video of the Smolensk crash victims being shot by Russian military.

  4. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Remember the "Terror Flights"? Iran Air 747's originating in Iran with a stop-over in Syria and a final destination of Venezuela. Though it was listed as a schedule commercial route, nobody could get a ticket. After being exposed this summer, the flights supposedly stopped, but I wouldn't count on it.

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