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  1. John thanks for the response. But I have to admit, who exactly are you talking about? Liberals? Democrats? Commies? Liberal Republicans? Who or what is using "regressive argy bargy", or "co-opting religion"?

    I do know my history, I also know how to read history, and I know that the world is not divided between the good people and the bad people, or that for the last 80s years the bad people have been co-opting the good people's beliefs. It's ridiculous. History is more interesting and nuanced than that, as is America and its relationship with other nations.

  2. Richard, what is truly comedic is that for someone, "who knows my history", attempts to refute someone w/out actually addressing it. What is also comedic,(but not so much) is, the typical, regressive "argy-bargy" that has been used as an argument ad nauseum, to difuse and obfuscate, the abject, dismal, and calamitous failures of said socio/poli/econ. philosophies, and their tenets, not to mention, the century long list of prevarications to trumpet their "successes". Our current occupant of the white house and his minions are implementing or in the process of employing those tenets, and are enjoying unending fanaticism(albeit,their nos. are eroding fast)of their accolytes. This following, 80+ years of the incremental erosion of our Constitution, coupled w/the insertion of collectivist programs, w/their crushing bureaucracy. The co-opting of religion,& then it's disposal, after you gain power (it's in my copy of the "communist manifesto"), we call it social justice and black liberation theology, it's permeated all of the major religions here, and has been very successful in turning much of central & so. America, communist. All of those socio/poli/economic ideologies & their tenets are a tight-knit family, w/marx & engels as the parents. What I find perverse is, that there is a significant percentage of people world-wide willing to defend and dilute these ideologies, as a "different point of view".

  3. Anon, I know my history. I'm not sure what your point is.

    John, what you wrote is comedy. I myself, as someone of the left, decided that I would open my phone book, ring up the Marxist humanists, the Fascist Totalitarian religionists, the Nazi Fascist Re-enactment Society, the Neo-Althusserian boys brigade, and the Libertarian Groucho Marxists and see if they'd be keen to all join up. They said yes. Just like that. That's because I'm a Neo-Freudian Couch Conversationalist.

    And I thought it was those evil liberal Euro Post-Structuralists who perverted language.

  4. The U.S. has been at a crosroads since the '90's. The powers that be on the left have decided to abandon the incremental socialism of grameci. They feel that the time and the place is now to merge tenets of all of the marxist socio/poli/economic ideology into a gameplan for the U.S.. They are using the unending fanaticism and incorporation of big business of the nazi/fascism. The infiltration of religion, and ponderous, stifling, micromanaging, secular bureaucracy of the soviet-era marxists. Rather than competing against one another for dominance, they melded all of them. Using one or all of these tenets will result in a historically factual result, totalitarian rule, followed by world or cold war, economic ruin,& the genocide of a third of a billion people. I would rather not repeat that history, how about you?

  5. Richard — Read your history. Look around at Europe and China and Iran and Cuba. Don't think that this disagreement has anything to do with being frightened of an alternate point of view.

    Destroying the one answer to totalitarianism, fascism, communism, economic and moral suicide — THAT is what is "scary."

  6. "These are the people Glenn Beck warned you about!"

    Yes, they're so scary because…they have a different point of view.

    The outside world can be scary.

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