4 thoughts on “Make Mine Freedom (1948)

  1. God Bless you Trevor for finding this gem and posting it. RomanticPoet picked it up (with credit) and posted it too. Hopefully millions will see it. I remember then from when I was a kid. They made my heart swell with Pride then and still do today. We have to stamp out this cancer of socialism and communism. The young people of today didn't have the stark reality of the threat of Communism to teach them the dangers of loosing their Freedom. We've got to fix our education system, but in the meantime, we need to use the Net to re-educate them, or sadly, Freedom will be lost forever.

  2. I can see Obama tuning out within the first minute in this video. We have the benefit of history, yet so many want to go down that "ism" path.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Sometimes I think the first death knell of a truly free society came with FDR's "Four Freedoms." Once the progressive statists started muddying the waters with excessive "freedom froms" (freedom from hunger, freedom from fear…)we too easily lost our way. I find myself saying over and over again that I want my freedom to, you can keep your freedom from (well, except search and seizure of course.

    Godd Bless!

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