8 thoughts on “Beck on Obama’s Socialist Background and Why it Matters

  1. That was a really great presentation by Beck. However, did anyone else notice that he completely left out the adoption by Lolo Soetoro and Barry Soetoro's Muslim schooling in Indonesia?

    Perhaps that part didn't made it through the Saudi censors at Fox News Channel…

  2. Hi Trevor,

    Your work is very impressive.

    We would like to interview you about your feelings about race, religion and faith.

    On second thought, find yourself the nearest busy highway and lie down perpendicular to the middle stripe.

  3. Wow,

    Cliff seems like a really great guy!

    But not as great as you, Trevor, for for posting those Glenn Beck clips!

    🙂 Robin

  4. I noticed the elision or omission of Obama's years in Indonesia as well.

    I've wondered for a long time, too, about O's trip to Pakistan. In the 90s, was it?

    Trevor, even though Beck didn't use your name, we all knew the allusion.

    Great work! I'm not sure where we'd be without you and all those working to bring the actions of the subversives into the clear truthful light of reason and day.

  5. To learn what "change" means to liberals, google the "Reese Committee Investigations of Tax Free Foundations" (1954) and listen to the testimony of Norman Dodd.

    Then download Chapter 10 of the USSR Constitution and see if anything you see is familiar.

    Now compare what you now know with the DFL party platform and you will find word for word similarities.

    Now compare the language of the Social Secutrity Act of 1935 with what we discussed above and you will find more word for word similarities.

    We are all card carrying communists and are just getting a second helping of what we asked for in the first place.

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