2 thoughts on “Sherrod Brown Admits that Socialized Medicine is the Goal.

  1. Just got back from D.C. Am heartbroken. This socialist talks about the "court of public opinion." In THAT court, they LOST — but guess what, they don't care. It isn't about health care at all, is it? Never was.

    Pray for us, freedom-lovers, and keep lighting those candles —

    God Bless America — and Help Her now in this extremity.

  2. Should it surprise anyone, that this intitial "Health Care" bill is just the begining, Progressives feel compeled to control the citizens. We're just not smart enough to know what is good for us, and that requires a Paternal Government made up of elites that deem themselves the smartest people in the room and therefore for our own good, we must submit to tyranny. The Constitution is offically DOA if this passes into law, and we are on the fast track to becoming Venezuela.

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