Repubs Get Tough on Dodgy Dems – Better Late Than Never

Alexi Giannoulias has apparently won the Democratic Primary for the Illinois Senate election to fill Barack Obama’s old seat.

If the Republican National Committee had run ads like this in 2008 against Obama (and they had plenty of material), America wouldn’t be on the verge of ruination today.


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7 thoughts on “Repubs Get Tough on Dodgy Dems – Better Late Than Never

  1. LOL AuntWie… you're an American trying to understand Oz-speak on a NZ-blog? (double whammy, ma'am)

    My guess-inter-pretation of Vince: probably comparing Alexi Giannoulias to Oz PM Kevin Rudd. Perhaps Vince thinks Rudd is a) corrupt or b) in the mob?

    dunno… vince, please clarify for auntie…. ta

  2. Love it.. we have one like him in Australia, but he is in charge. At least you elect your leader, we are forced to elect our party, subject to preferences, meaning we don't vote for the party just an idea. But if the idea is wrong we vote for the people that got bad votes, but that is only fair. So we have a leader that is not popular but was voted in against those that are not popular. Easy Hey?

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