A Soldier’s Christmas

Al the best for Christmas and New Year.

2010 will be a big one.


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8 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Christmas

  1. Thank you for posting our video. We thank the troops for their service, and urge all to get involved in the political process as mentioned at the end of the video.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. But how many will take note, and act?
    We've become soft and spoiled and cowardly, intimidated and silenced and willingly fooled by the heirs of Lenin and Trotsky.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you Trevor…

    You are so right: 2010 will be HUGE year esp for the USA as conservative candidates running for office across the nation …

    I predict landslide sweeps with tireless work by motivated T.E.A. party conservatives, libertarians, independents and freedom loving Republican and Democrats – horrors such as Reid and Pelosi (to name a few) will be ousted…

    The battles begin in earnest in 2010 … the fight to return America to a free republic fully engages…

    Thanks for all you do to help shine a light on corruption, communism, domestic USA federal government terrorism and the multitude evils America (and the west) is fighting…

    cheers, LisaG

  4. 2010, the year of the century.

    The end of AGW, and with it the credibility of the green/left, the downfall of Gordon Brown in the UK, and a reaffirmation of British spirit, the election of Tony Abbott in Australia, and a committment towards nuclear energy, and regime change in Cuba. Howzat ?

    Can't be all good though, Sue Bradford and Winston Peters back at the trough perhaps ?

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