"Useful Idiot" Easte Promotes Terror Cause at Council

Auckland City councillor Aaron Bhatnagar reports on some sinister goings on at the ACC.

Seems that not-too-bright City Vision councillor Graeme Easte wants the council to support the recently defeated Tamil seperatists of Sri Lanka.

Writes Aaron

City Vision Councillor Graham Easte has proposed a notice of motion about supporting the Tamil cause and the conflict in Sri Lanka. There’s even going to be a deputation from some Tamil supporters group to come and speak to us.

It just beggars belief. Here is Graeme Easte’s motion:


That Council:

A. Note that there are some 4,000 Tamils formerly from Sri Lanka living in our city, many of them refugees from the long running conflict there.
B. Express its grave concerns for the welfare of the many thousands of civilians caught up in the aftermath of the recently concluded war in Sri Lanka.
C. Acknowledges that our Government is supporting moves towards “a long-term peaceful solution that benefits all the people of Sri Lanka”.
D. Requests our government to strengthen its diplomatic stance on this matter, by calling for full and unhindered access for humanitarian agencies to the affected civilians and for appropriate international monitoring of the situation.

Aaron (probably rightly) surmises that Easte’s partner Maire Leadbetter, a life long Marxist and , might have put him up to this dopey stunt.

This is a good example of how the left uses official positions and the “useful idiots” who fill them, to try and make terrorists and revolutionaries publicly acceptable.


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15 thoughts on “"Useful Idiot" Easte Promotes Terror Cause at Council

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  2. "to try and make terrorists and revolutionaries publicly acceptable"

    And apparently there's some Trevor Loudon guy who backs the KNU ethnic-based revolutionaries in Burma.



  3. Oh, I see – so when you said she was wearing a "Tamil Tiger T-shirt" and what you really meant was she was speaking at an event where somebody else had put up a picture of a LTTE leader?

    Apologies for misunderstanding your creative use of English.

    And therefore this Graeme guy's statement, which is concerned with the plight of Tamil civilians, is actually a message of support for the LTTE because his friend once spoke at an event at which somebody had put a picture of a Tiger leader on a wall.

    Have I got this right now?



  4. That is not an LTTE shirt. It is a Tamil Eelam shirt. It has a map of the area of Sri Lanka the Tamil people see as their homeland.

  5. Well, I was talking about this Graeme guy, not Maire, Trev. You'll have to ask her about the t-shirt – from the photo I can't see anything that identifies it with the LTTE, though I'm not familiar with those idiots' iconography, so you could be right.



  6. Does the Auckland City Charter give the council the power to engage in foreign affairs? I am going to go out on a limb and say the answer is no. When local politicians get involved in international politics it is political malpractice and an abuse of office. If Easte wants to support the Tamil Tigers he should do it on his own time and not waste the city councils time.

  7. Don’t be silly Sam.

    Why was Maire wearing a Tamil Tiger T shirt if she is only about helping refugees.

    Why is nobody answering that basic question?

  8. So what is the statement could be construed as supporting terrorism, Trev?

    Not a thing, right?

    Other than Loudon logic – some Tamils are terrorists, therefore everyone who supports Tamils is supporting terrorism. By the same logic I like Americans, Timothy McVeigh was American, therefore if I make any pro-American statements I am supporting terrorism. Nuts.


    Sam Buchanan

  9. Yes Cameron-we know graeme’s your mate.

    No objection to humanitarian aid Cameron.
    Just using at as a front to support terrorists.

    Why was your friend Maire wearing a Tamil Tiger T shirt Cameron?

  10. Awesome work Graeme!

    Graeme is anything but an idiot. He is really on to it when it comes to local body issues, national issues and international issues.

    I don’t see what is so wrong with his proposed statement. He isn’t saying “support the LTTE” or anything. There is a massive humanitarian catastrophe happening in Sri Lanka right now but reactionaries like Aaron Bhatnagar and yourself seem to think it is okay for hundreds of thousands of people to languish in concentration camps without access to humanitarian aid.

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