Kincaid on Obama’s Revolutionary "Vision"

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy In Media “de-constructs” the idea that US president elect Barack Obama has abandoned his socialist ideals.

Kincaid also gives New Zeal some credit.

Some extracts;

On the Fox News program “Hannity & Colmes” in December, analyst Dick Morris made the absolutely critical point that President Bush has taken the country so far to the left, in terms of his socialist-style Wall Street bailout program and his integration of the U.S. economy into a new emerging international financial order, that anything Barack Obama does in this area seems almost mainstream. This is because what we were expecting from Obama we are now getting from Bush. So Obama doesn’t look so radical anymore.

This point must be understood in order to have an appreciation of the “moderation” of the new Obama Administration.

Interestingly, some of Obama’s strongest “progressive” support-ers are being brutally honest about what is happening. On the Rag Blog website, former Weather Underground terrorist Mark Rudd defended the “conservative appointments” of the President-elect and said that they are part of a deliberate strategy to “feint to the right” and “move left.” He explained, “Any other strategy invites sure defeat.”

Rather than immediately propose cutting the military budget, for example, Rudd suggests that Obama will pursue security “through diplomacy and application of nascent international law” and lay the groundwork for eventual defense cuts.

Rudd also declares that left-wingers questioning Obama’s cabinet picks should “Look to the second level appointments. There’s a whole govt. in waiting that Podesta has at the Center for American Progress. They’re mostly progressives, I’m told (except in military and foreign policy). Cheney was extremely effective at controlling policy by putting his people in at second-level positions.”
Podesta is John Podesta, a co-chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Team, who runs the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress…

Based on Obama’s associations and influences, which we can document over most of his life and career, one must realistically conclude that he is a revolutionary Marxist. AIM focused on Obama’s childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, the communist who was a formative influence over Obama for about eight years of his life. During the presidential campaign, however, the media as well as the John McCain-for-president campaign refused to highlight this.

As Andrew C. McCarthy noted in October on National Review Online, “The mainstream press steadfastly refuses to delve into Barack Obama’s radicalism, his Leftist revolutionary collaboration with self-identified communists from Frank Marshall Davis to Bill Ayers… Petrified of being smeared as a racist, McCain has never mentioned Davis, whom Obama identifies only as ‘Frank’ in his memoir. And, of course, utterance of Jeremiah Wright’s name is verboten in McCain circles, notwithstanding that his Trinity Church, where Obama was a 20-year member, is a font of Marxist Black Liberation Theology and thus critical to our understanding of Obama’s invocations of ‘change’ and ‘spreading the wealth.’

The “spreading the wealth” comment was one of those rare moments during the campaign when Obama’s revolutionary Marxist views were displayed for all to see.

Paul Kengor, author of The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism, and professor of political science at Grove City College, wrote a column during the campaign noting that Obama’s “spread the wealth” comment had to be understood in the context of examining the writings of Frank Marshall Davis, “the communist journalist-agitator who mentored Obama in Hawaii.” Kengor explained, “While much attention has been paid to Obama’s relationship with communist-terrorist Bill Ayers—and rightly so—much less attention has been devoted to Davis. That’s a mistake, since Obama was influenced more by Davis than Ayers.”

Kengor cited a Davis column, a January 26, 1950 piece, “Free Enterprise or Socialism?,” in which “Davis hoped that America and its economy were at a turning point, as if a kind of perfect storm was brewing that could at last allow him and his comrades to realize their dreams of a socialist America. They would need to trash the current free-enterprise system and argue for a change to something else. Of course, they could not fully disclose themselves, their beliefs, and their intentions, although any thinking observer could easily read between the lines. The key was to gain the support of the people who didn’t know any difference.”

This almost seems like a blueprint for Obama’s campaign and the course he is now on…

What we are witnessing is a process that is fooling a number of people and which is clearly designed to pull the rug out from under the prospect of political opposition to the Obama agenda…

David Horowitz, the editor of and a former Marxist-turned-conservative, said, “Now, as president-elect, he has just formed the most conservative Democratic foreign policy team since John F. Kennedy, one well to the right of Bill Clinton.”

One of Obama’s more troubling associates is Anthony Lake, a Democratic Party foreign policy specialist who made headlines by doubting whether Alger Hiss, the United Nations founder and a U.S. State Department official, was really guilty of espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union. Lake is not a figure from Obama’s distant past; rather, he has been one of Obama’s closest foreign policy advisers for the last two years. In the 1980s, he had controversial ties to the pro-Marxist think tank known as the Institute for Policy Studies, which was dedicated to the establishment of revolutionary Marxist and anti-American regimes in Central and Latin America and elsewhere. He was a national security adviser to Bill Clinton but lost out on a job as CIA director when he voiced those doubts that Hiss had been a Soviet spy.

Melanie Phillips of the UK Spectator believes that commentators have been tricked by some of Obama’s so-called “moderate” or “centrist” appointments into believing that Obama has changed his far-left political views. She points to the New Zeal blog of New Zealand anti-communist researcher Trevor Loudon, who unearthed the comments by former Weather Underground terrorist Mark Rudd quoted earlier—to the effect that Obama is proceeding on an incremental basis to accomplish his radical objectives.

Loudon, the first researcher to reveal that Obama’s mentor “Frank” was the communist Frank Marshall Davis, has concluded that Obama is now pursuing “covert socialist tactics” that are even confusing conservatives about his real objectives.

The Communist Party People’s Weekly World told its readers that in order to “consolidate his victory and move ahead, his administration must build a strong record of accomplishments, working with a Congress in which Republicans, though weakened, continue to exercise considerable leverage, and responding to concerns of the 46 percent who did not vote for him. This requires considerable tactical skill and thoughtfulness. It’s entirely logical and sensible that Obama would pick figures from the broad political center for Cabinet seats requiring Senate confirmation and other prominent positions.”

Veteran left-wing operative Robert Borosage of the Campaign for America’s Future says, “There’s a hope that he is using very experienced people with centrist credentials to drive a very bold, progressive program.” But he must know it is not only a hope but a strategy.

Think about it from Obama’s perspective. He tried desperately to conceal his Marxist background, especially his connection to Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, and his socialist leanings.

But the façade started to unravel near the end of the campaign when Joe the Plumber got him to admit to a philosophy of spreading the wealth around. The McCain campaign did try to seize upon this. But the financial crisis, which emerged just six weeks before the election, seemed to convince many people that Obama’s Marxism was less of a concern than the collapse of America’s capitalist system, which they blamed on the Republicans.

Hilmar von Campe, who grew up under the Nazis and wrote the book, Defeating the Totalitarian Lie, offers comparisons between Nazi Germany and America today. “Our nation has elected an anti-American left-wing radical if not Communist to be president of the United States,” he warns. “We better begin to plan now for the reality and not for a democratic daydream. The ideological war has reached us at the top of our power structure threatening our very existence from inside.”

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