Hide Hits Hypocrite Helen

From the ACT Party website

ACT leader Rodney Hide today dismissed Prime Minister Helen Clark’s suggestion that people were afraid of Sir Roger Douglas.

“The only reason she’s come out swinging is because her Party’s internal polling reveals a swing to ACT that will ensure the next National Government is in a position to fix the chaos wreaked on our economy by her Labour Government,” Mr Hide said.

My question to Helen Clark is: what is it about Sir Roger Douglas policies didn’t she like?

Why did she vote for every single one when she sat in Cabinet with Sir Roger?

“Why, in the past nine years, has she not undone a single one of them?

“It is hypocritical in the extreme for Helen Clark to question a man and his policies she so heartily endorsed when they were Cabinet Ministers together,” Mr Hide said


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2 thoughts on “Hide Hits Hypocrite Helen

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  2. Both National and Labour are not happy that Sir Roger Douglas is in the position to get elected to parliament with ACT. The reason for this is that he knows what he is doing, looks forward for NZ not back and will make a big difference in making NZ a more competitive and better country. They ( National and Labour )would prefer the limelight for themselves. Party Vote ACT.

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