Wellington Anarchists to Defend "Urewera 17"

The far left is planning a campaign in defence of the “Urewera 17“.

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October 15th solidarity – Poneke – campaign meeting

Kia ora

You are invited to a campaign strategy and planning meeting on Tuesday evening, February 19th at 7pm at Thistle Hall, top of Cuba Street in Wellington.

The meeting will continue the work from last week on a strategy for the campaign. We hope to establish a clear campaign purpose and goals, and some strategies and tactics for use.

The issue to initially be discussed and a decision taken is about the scope of the campaign – on one hand, the campaign could focus on issues raised by the arrests, e.g. the Terrorism Suppression Act, and thereby be larger and wider than these arrests in particular. A campaign around the repeal of the TSA is a liberal campaign and may have allies in human rights groups or other mainstream organisations. On the other hand, the campaign could focus specifically on the arrestee and the court appearances that will be happening, seeing this as an attack on Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe and their sympathisers. Of course, there are pros and cons for either undertaking. Once the scope of the campaign has been articulated, the other parts of the campaign will be easier to work out. Ultimately, several campaign groups may be formed to take up each one of these.

If you have questions about the campaign or about the October 15th Solidarity Crew, please feel free to email wellingtonprisoners (at) gmail.com or www.october15thsolidarity.info

We hope to see you then!

Wellington October 15th Solidarity is based at 128 Abel Smith St-HQ of the Wildcat Anarchist Collective.


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3 thoughts on “Wellington Anarchists to Defend "Urewera 17"

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