New Zeal at Lucky 13

According to Tim Selwyn and the Tumeke crew, New Zeal is the 13th ranked political blog in New Zealand.

#13 [15] New Zeal :
05/2005+ “Promoting liberty”
Trevor Loudon : Right – Act/Libertarian : Christchurch
nz5,054 * 1,340,013 : c.260 + 57 + 41 + 20 = 378 [317]

I was 15th last month.


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2 thoughts on “New Zeal at Lucky 13

  1. Im not surprised. Congrats Trevor, and thank you for devoting so much of your personal time keeping us informed. If only the media would spend less time on Hollywood idolatry and report more on issues that are shaping the nation and the world’s future. This blog is number one on my NZ news list.

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