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A Family First media release

250,000 Signatures Demand Scrapping of Anti-Smacking Law

Family First NZ is not surprised that the number of signatures calling for a Referendum on the anti-smacking law has already reached the 1/4 of a million mark.

This hugely unpopular bill has failed to protect 3 year old Nia Glassie, 16 month old Sachin Dhani, and 10 month old Jyniah Mary Te Awa to name just some of the tragic child abuse deaths since the law was passed,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

But 84% of NZ’ers knew that the Bradford bill was ideologically flawed. They weren’t people who ‘were demanding the right to thrash and beat children’ as offensively suggested by the Prime Minister.”

NZ’ers simply wanted policies and resources to tackle our unacceptable rate of child abuse in NZ. But they also know that a parent correcting a defiant child with a smack on the hand or bottom is not a child abuser.”

If kiwis can figure that out, why couldn’t the politicians?” says Mr McCoskrie.

When Green Party MP Sue Kedgley presented a 39,000 signature petition calling for mandatory country of origin labelling on foods in December, she said “The petition has wide support&. The government would be foolish to ignore the huge support for (labelling). I hope the petition will get a good hearing at the Commerce Committee, and that the government will recognise that it cannot continue to oppose the democratic right of consumers &..”

And when United Future’s Peter Dunne presented a 42,000 signature petition last year calling on daylight saving to be extended by 3 weeks, he said “There is no doubt that more daylight saving is what New Zealanders want , and the Internal Affairs Minister is going to be extremely hard-pressed to do anything other than heed our call .”

Based on the anti-smacking petition gaining three times more signatures that Kedgley and Dunne’s petitions combined, Family First looks forward to both the Greens and United Future leading the process to scrap the anti-smacking law, to leave good parents alone, and to target the real causes of child abuse and actual child abusers.


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