Maori Seperatists Support Lakota Seperatists

Maori seperatists are very interested in the Lakota declaration of independence.

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Kia ora koutou Lakota Sioux People of the Nation.

May the Spirits of Your ForeFathers Guide the Pathway to the Future

Stand Tall and Proud Lakota Sioux Indian Nation: The Indiginess Cultures of the World will be and will offer their Strenght & Support to your Nation of people in all Sovereign Treaty dishonors set at the hands of the US Government.The Maori People of Aotearoa also support and offer our wairua to the Lakota Sioux Indian Nation now and always.


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8 thoughts on “Maori Seperatists Support Lakota Seperatists

  1. “God help us all” was my comment Steve. Just a turn of phrase.

    BUT…….Being the time of year it is and me being a lush, the booze took control of my fingers before my brain got a chance to participate.

    As always I have Tino Rangatiratanga flying high in my front garden while next door the neighbour is trying to sell his house for top money in our up market residential community.

    It has been suggested I might be scaring away potential buyers.

    Any night soon I expect to hear the growl of a chainsaw……..


  2. Actually, on second thought folks, I suspect that Anonymous two above may be tongue-in-cheek with his/her comments.

    Would have to be really, especially given the last line.

    Sad for him/her if I’m wrong. Implementation Darling ? You want a police state do you ?

    You better check out Tuhoe/Tuhoi as well…..Brains.

  3. Anonymous two posts above is clearly white trash. With a “that’ll fix ’em !” craziness bred of essentially vicious racism “supported” by essentially poor intelligence. There are many such saddos about…..

    It is however gauche, wahanui wankers like him/her who are screwing Aotearoa, not Maori. No matter how much he/she rattles the bars of his/her cage, Maori will not be beaten down !

    And a good thing too !

  4. Since this issue is not going to go away, and the moari are on the rise I think what we need Trevor is a new set of laws (since there are no real full blooded moari anyways). The first set of laws need to declassify the moari to make them normal New Zealanders with no special status and issue the moari with a New Zealand citizenship ID card.

    The second law needs to ban symbols that refer to terrorism. That tuhoi flag for one and that moari flag too.

    The last law needs to address how lazy the moari has become. It will make it compulsory for the moari to work. Any moari not working can be jailed for a specified term, in one of those prisons that has work camps like the one in Waikeria.

    That will sort the bastards out and keep them commies at bay.

  5. RNV-anything that potentially weakens the US has an impact on me.

    With the rise of Russia and China and the neutering of Europe, the free world needs a strong US.

  6. So of course you Loudon hold a very strong opinion about the LAKOTA sioux nation’s affairs-even though their existence and well-being has no impact on you or those whose votes you rely on.

  7. The Lakota have the indigenous atuonomy that the Urewera militants are demanding for the Maori. The Pine Ridge Reservation is an American Bantustan. The result of this long term indigenous control has been a disaster. By declaring formal independence nothing changes for the Lakota. Handing out passports and creating a military will not lift a single Lakota out of poverty.

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