Unrepentant Anarchist?

One of the “Urewera 17” arrestees is an unnamed Swiss national, an anarchist known to use the pseudonym “smush capitalism” or simply “smush“.

On this post I highlighted smush’s support for the Lakota (Sioux) declaration of independence.

I wrote;

apparently smush’s time in jail has not dimmed his enthusiasm for indigenous revolution.”

Last night someone claiming to be smush has commented;

just drop the apparently“.


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3 thoughts on “Unrepentant Anarchist?

  1. someone claims to be me here! i gave up my ideas of revolution after 2 hours in jail! the only way to get rid of capitalist-colonialist-patriarchy is by voting – for the greens of course (the anarchist-greenparty-pga-zapatista-tuhoe-communist conspiracy in action again).

  2. Apparently that would be because
    1) he like the others is charged with firearms charges not terrorism/revolution.

    2) anyone who spends a month in the clink and lets their enthusiasm for anything dim, is a weak arse.

    3) time in the joint prior to your trial case is not a time to repent of something you were never charged with.

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