Nothing To Worry About Here, Folks

From Cuba’s Prensa Latina

Havana, Dec 10 Cuba celebrates Monday International Human Rights Day with an honorable and extensive record in cooperating with all human rights mechanisms.

Today”s celebration has its origin in 1950 and this year the commemoration starts in 2008 with the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.

A note from the Cuban permanent mission at the UN states that there are no violations of human rights in the island that justify attention from Geneva or any other multilateral stage.


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11 thoughts on “Nothing To Worry About Here, Folks

  1. Exocet, my lips quiver when I say it, but you are right about the comrades, they have much to answer for. Though I suspect there will be much blood spilled when Fidel dies as those closest to him attempt to gain control.

    60 to 69 Cadillacs and Lincoln Continentals are my field of interest. I have a love affair with sixties styling and big limo’s.

    I had a great day today. I went to court to defend myself against a $80 speeding fine. It didnt go as planned ..the judge increased it to $300… I guess i should have quit while I was ahead.. Shit happens!


  2. Dirk, I’m sure that the people of Cuba are friendly, gracious,kind and law abiding.

    Its their scummy Communist totalitarian ‘goverment’ that I hate.

    Your Caddy sounds kewl, do you speicialse in caddys?, or do you import other cars as well?


  3. “Shame on you for your comments about Cuba. I’ve been there a couple of times and i happen to like the place.”

    Strange you don’t seem to question the sort of totalitarianism the Cuban state promotes. Never mind that Che is still a celebrated figure there who also helped install African dictatorships such as the one in Angola.

    For you to equal allege terrorists in GITMO to what a political prisoner suffers at the hands of totalitarian/authoritarian governments like Cuba, shame on you.

  4. Exocet, I import Cadillac’s. Refurbish and on sell them. Its a business/hobby and pays for my holidays in america. My personal car is a 69 Eldorado, 472 cubic inch motor and front wheel drive. Has Tino Rangatiratanga bumber stickers to complement the custom made paua shell roof which compliments the stunning purple paint job.

    Shame on you for your comments about Cuba. I’ve been there a couple of times and i happen to like the place. The people are most gracious,friendly and regardless of the location or time of day I have never felt threatened unlike many civilised places in New Zealand I could name.While I admit there are many things wrong with the place I suggest there are worst places to live. There are places in America that scare the shit out of me!


  5. What sort of Caddy do you have Dirk?.

    The father of a young chap who I work with has a ’56 Coupe-de-ville.


  6. I guess if your al Qaeda operative in custody is virtually certain to have knowledge of forthcoming jihadist plans, torture could be argued as being justified to save thousands of innocent lives.

    However for sheer human brutality to one another, lets consider the sickening atrocities to their enemies by native africans in Uganda, Sierra Leone & Liberia. The list of tortures being inflicted is too horrific to print here.

  7. “Torture has become an acceptable method of re-education no matter what the political persuasion.”

    Please provide a list of political prisoners who are against the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and are far left Democrats against George W. Bush in prison right now.

    To have you equal Bush to Fidel Castro is ridiculous. You simply couldn’t care less of also the totalitarianism from Saddam either.

  8. Torture has become an acceptable method of re-education no matter what the political persuasion.
    George does it,Fidel does it and I’m sure Tony blair had a pair of thumbscrews for more than Sheries pleasure.
    I just filled up my cadillac today with the best yankee gas on offer in this country and I know the meaning of pain and suffering Mah.
    Everything is relative.


  9. This is laughable, a totalitarian government stating that it “supports” human rights even while it tortures its political prisoners who are in much worse conditions than whatever conditions GITMO prisoners are in.

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