New Zeal Accused of Human Rights Violations, Hate Speech, Threatened With "International Authorities"

Just got this threat on the comments section of my last post.

As the author of this article, I am directing you to remove this article and photo. As a freelance writer, I maintain the copyright to this article. I will be contacting Google Blogger regarding this copyright violation. Further, you do not have permission to use this photo, as it also carries a copyright.

People around the world are rising up to support the Maoris. Your hate site will only bring more attention to the racism against Indigenous Peoples. Ultimately, it will only bring more support as people around the world rally to support Indigenous Peoples’ rights. I am also requesting an investigation into your human rights violations by international authorities.

Brenda Norrell

Should I delete the post and simply link the Norrell’s article?

Should I ignore the threat?

Human rights violations?

Please check out the website that Norrell contributes to-Narco News and tell me who you think is guilty of inciting hatred-Trevor Loudon or Brenda Norrell?


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15 thoughts on “New Zeal Accused of Human Rights Violations, Hate Speech, Threatened With "International Authorities"

  1. I wonder if Trev can complain about her to Google for harassmenet as well. Isn’t that a tad big problem? Since she runs a blog which is sympathetic to the Zapatista terrorists?

  2. Brenda Norrell may be legally correct on copyright. But she slandered Trevor by calling him a human rights violator and hate purveyor.

    If Brenda Norrell takes legal action for copyright infringement, Trevor should take legal action against her for slander.

  3. Berend-I only copied abot half of it. Where do you draw the line?

    I see it as showing evidence to demonstrate evidence of damaging behaviour. Something of public benefit.

    A bit like putting a politician’s stupid speech on Utube.

    What do you think?

  4. Legally she has a point. You’re probably not allowed to fully copy an article, even if you reference it.

  5. Oliver-I’ve made my views on South Africa pretty clear in the past, but obviously not clear enough for you.

    But Pinochet and Franco????

  6. Fuck em.

    you posted their article in the full form, and referenced the source, taking no credit or implication that you wrote it. people reference others work all the time.

    this is just bullshit posturing by whiny little socialists.

  7. I think you’re more guilty than she is of inducing hatred, Trevor, in as much as you have a number of times intimated that you strongly supported regimes that fundamentally violated the rights of property ownership and economic freedom (South Africa under Apartheid, Spain under Franco and Chile under Augusto Pinochet).

  8. Yep… and anyone who’s coming across this site for the first time, no need to take Trev so seriously! Ask him how John Ultimate is!

    (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it or check out Trevor on Wikipedia.)


  9. Agree with you Trev, free speech is important and intellectual property rights are hogwash. Copyright laws, like many other property laws, protect the powerful who can afford to enforce them.


    Sam Buchanan

  10. Hey mah29001, bro I wuz jus jokin! Ain’t youse never heard of parody an existential lampoon as a creeativ riting tecknike? Chill, man.

  11. You white dogs will live to regrett yor filthy colonial oppression when us black dogs get our guns.

    I am the supreme black dog an i have camo an a cool black mask, so there! Ha! You should see our funny hats too, bro. Much more cool than the silly hoodies yous maoris wear.

  12. Trev, I should also mention more information about Norrell, she is quite also the pro-Open Border lobbyist as she wrote an article filled with Marxist connotations on the far left attacking the likes of the U.S.-Mexican border.

    Kind of ironic how she now is attacking you for copying her article but then suggest the U.S.-Mexican border should be torn down.

  13. What a load of hyprocrisy with such Maori Nazis like Norrel forcing to use the PC Police. Bunch of totalitarian apologists.

  14. Don’t delete a thing Trevor.

    Whenever I see this kind of moronic response I am reminded again how the ethnoecosocialists operate. Any kind of raving at the top of one’s voice is perfectly OK as long as one adheres to the party line, but the moment anybody actually excercises real free speech and intelligent thought, then they become ‘oppressors’, ‘racists’ and all kinds of ‘human rights violators’! Hahahaha

    And the funny thing is that you hardly commented on this idiotic woman’s raving at all. All you did was to report on it and give the link, so that her mad stupidity was left to speak for itself.

    I wonder what would she have said if you had written something really insightful and analytical, such as “Fuck off, Brenda Norell, back up the great Turtle’s arsehole where you will find some real good shit to get off on”.

  15. The irony is she accuses you of human rights violations when you have harmed noone. Yet some of these “Revolutionaries” have shot and killed those whom disagree with them.

    hypocrisy much?

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