Salute to Ian Wishart

Investigate editor, Ian Wishart is going for broke with serious allegations against senior police and government figures.

I don’t know how these will pan out, but I give Ian Wishart full marks for courage.

Redbaiter said it well on David Farrar’s Kiwiblog

Ian Wishart is one of the few journalists in the country who earns his pay. Most are merely megaphones for socialist policy and advocates for greater and greater government at the expense of personal liberty. Right or wrong on this issue or any issue, Wishart deserves credit for having the guts to take the Labour party and senior police on.

He’s a welcome change from the pro government mainstream media journalists, who have long ago forgotten what their role in society really is- To protect us from predatory government, and to alert us to corrupt politicians, untrustworthy public officials and legislation that attacks our freedoms.

I say good luck to Mr. Wishart. I admire his courage and conviction. How sad for NZ that journalists such as he are so few and far between.


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4 thoughts on “Salute to Ian Wishart

  1. True ? You better report that. Not to the senior detectives on the Bain matter though. They’ll arrest you.

    For posting on New Zeal. Poor Old Mah…..he’s been down night court three times in the last month for that very thing.

    True !

  2. What about the Women Constable in Dunedin who was “Blocked” in the 80s as part of her iniation?

  3. Yep, If we don’t get a Royal Commission out of this then we are a bonafide tinpot, banana republic. Regardless of the Labour/Gnat partisanship, these allegations need to be addressed, if they aren’t, how can the public be expected to trust the Police?

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