Don Franks’ Most Heinous Deed

Don Franks, a Wellington, Workers Party member, has been getting stuck into me a bit lately. In return I’ve been challenging him about his Stalinist past.

In a comment on this post he admitted “Yes, along with a number of other people I have sometimes been mistaken about various historical figures…”

He got that right.

In 1974, Don wrote a letter to the Trotskysist journal, “Socialist Action” (March 29th) accusing the paper of disseminating “Anti-Stalinist lies“.

If you think that’s appalling, check out what he wrote about The King.

According to “Truth” (September 6th, 1977), Don wrote a story for Victoria Uni’s student paper “Salient” on the death of Elvis Presley.

Truth claims that Don dismisses Presley’s films as “a reflection of the capitalist ethic”. Even worse “Elvis was representative of the rotten individualistic culture of the United States bourgeoisie.” And (this shocks me the core), that Elvis was a “boorish reactionary

Readers know that I am a kind and tolerant man. However there are some things that just cannot be forgiven.

The Stalin stuff is just “tears on the tundra“-the youthful folly of an idealistic young totalitarian.

But to diss The King while his soul is still ascending to the highest reaches of heaven????

That is beyond redemption.

How can the Workers Party bear to be in the same phonebox as this man?

I call on all right thinking Kiwis to register their disgust that the Workers Party, could allow a heretic such as Don Franks to join their ranks.

Only the immediate expulsion of Don Franks, by the Workers Party, will begin to relieve the anguish and disgust that every decent New Zealander must feel on learning of his heinous deed.

I have to go and lie down for a bit.


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12 thoughts on “Don Franks’ Most Heinous Deed

  1. I wasn’t asking about you personally, just the group/cult/whatever you belong to. If you can provide me a link to a website with more info on it I would appreciate it.

  2. Anon I am hardly likely to share personal information with someone who deliberately attempts to insult me.

    Learn a bit of respect and a little humility.

    If you want to know my beliefs, read my blog. I’m pretty free with them, I would have thought.

  3. Trevor, is that cult you belong to an offshoot of Scientology, as it says in Wikipedia? Would you mind sharing some info on its history and beliefs?

  4. Trevor,
    Don should be very flattered that you have been hoarding copies of his letters for the last 32 years.

    Unfortunately I have a life (sort of, I still read your blog after all) so I didnt keep copies of your writing from the 70s and 80s. Since you are such a keen archivist, how about you reprint some of your dodgy writing from the distant past?

  5. Yes, we did go it a bit in those cultural revolution days. And I still maintain that the films were shit. However, in true revolutionary style I was evventually reformed by labour; to wit, playing lead guitar in the 1987 touring Elvis tribute show “Are you Lonesome tonight” If you’re the true fan you claim to be, you would have seen my performance when we played Christchurch.

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