"The Libel Tourist"

Libel tourism is the practice of suing critics for libel in countries, such as Great Britain, where libel laws are harsh, even though the criticism may originate from the U.S.

This excellent video from Jared Lapidus, illustrates how alleged supporters of Islamic terrorism use British law to attempt to silence their American critics .

A quick update: A new law in NY State was passed about a year ago – dubbed: “Rachel’s Law” (in honor of Rachel Ehrenfeld) prohibiting NY State residents from being sued for Libel overseas.

Jared’s film was sent to many State Legislators to help sway them. Ultimately, the vote was unanimous.

Even more impressive, currently, a version of this bill is winding its way through the US Congress, and stands a good chance of passing both houses.

Show’s what individuals can do.


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  1. one of the reasons I can't find information about the other two women accusing Gore of sexual assault from where I live, in Spain.

    certain news sources simply block access to all of Europe.

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