Cowardly Little Wankers

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This week the Youth Liberation Front glued the locks of companies paying discriminatory youth rates to demand equal pay for equal work.

Stores across Auckland such as Foodtown, Supre and Subway were unable to open the next morning costing thousands of dollars in damage and young workers were given a much needed break.

Youth rates drive down the wages of all workers, contributing to the growing level of poverty and increasing the gap between the rich and poor. We recognise the problem is with the capitalist system and the government that legitimizes this hierarchy based on violent inequalities and coercion.

We will continue to target all businesses profiting from exploitation of young workers and encourage other young people to take direct action against those workplaces, schools and institutions that limit our freedom and profit from our misery.

Like paying women less for being women, and paying black people less for being black, paying young people less for simply being young is discrimination. It needs to end.

We are young, we are angry and we are taking the power back.

– the Youth Liberation Front


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7 thoughts on “Cowardly Little Wankers

  1. animal rights activist are marxists now, thats a new one. Oh, I forgot, everyone not in ACT is a marxist acording to mad Trevor

  2. “more cowardly to passively accept one’s shit working conditions, I say.”
    Then don’t accept it – leave. That would be the non-cowardly thing to do, not vandalising the property of others under cover of darkness.
    My, what lion-hearted warriors they are.

  3. Anyone who sneaks around by night to vandalise people’s property is a coward in my book.

    How are they not?

  4. These people remind me of the folks in Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF), both fronts for the radical Marxist environmental movement.

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