Chavez Moving to Consolidate Power in Venezuela

Venezuela’s newly re-elected Marxist President, Hugo Chavez, is moving to consolidate Marxist-Leninist power.

From the latest issue of the Communist Party of Canada’s Peoples Voice

Other topics are now also coming to the fore: the proposal by Chavez to create a unified “party of the revolution,” and possible revisions of the constitution, such as removing term limits for the office of President.

The first proposal would unite the MVR,(Chavez’s Movement for the Fifth Republic) PODEMOS, PPT, and the Venezuelan Communist Party, with the goal of creating a stronger revolutionary leadership. Such a process following the Cuban Revolution brought together Fidel Castro’s July 26th Movement, the radical Student Directorate organization and the Popular Socialist Party (Cuba’s historic communists) in 1965 to form the Communist Party of Cuba, a strongly-united vanguard party which has led Cuba for over forty years.

There has been no indication of the possible terms of unity, but clearly, the aim of President Chavez is to strengthen the struggle for genuine socialist transformation.


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4 thoughts on “Chavez Moving to Consolidate Power in Venezuela

  1. “Chávez’s rhetoric might not be out of place in “The Little Red Book,” yet everyday life for many Venezuelans today looks more like the Neiman-Marcus catalogue. Thanks to the boom in the price of oil, many Venezuelans have been indulging in rampant consumerism that might give even an American pause. In the past year, auto sales have doubled, property prices have soared (mortgage loans are up three hundred per cent), and, thanks to this buying frenzy, credit-card loans have nearly doubled. And while Chávez has done a good job of redistributing oil revenue to the Venezuelan poor, via so-called misiones, designed to improve education, health care, and housing, and has forced oil companies to renegotiate contracts, there has been no nationalization of industry, relatively little interference with markets, and only small gestures toward land reform. If this is socialism, it’s the most business-friendly socialism ever devised.”

  2. No surprise there about someone like Chavez and his close relations with his fellow dictatorial comrades.

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