Just a Little Union Thuggery

This type of behavior that will become commonplace if Obama and the unions manage to pass the fraudulently named Employee Free Choice Act (“card check”).


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7 thoughts on “Just a Little Union Thuggery

  1. And Ron Bloom said, "… we understand that political power comes largely from the end of a gun."

    So do we Mr. Bloom. And the guns I have will shoot right through body armor. Hope you'll join in for the party.

  2. Well, Andy Sterne said it out loud for all of us to hear:

    "We know where you live." Boy, do they ever. And what was that he said — If the power of persuasion doesn't work, we'll use the persuasion of power –?

    And then there was the beating of Gladney in Missouri — which, to my knowledge, has NEVER come to court.

    My husband has had to take on a second job — a minimum wage job — in a right to work state (Thank the Good Lord). There's one employee who doesn't know my husband, but he has insulted my husband horribly in public because my husband refuses to join the Union. (My husband was hoping the guy would throw the first punch. Nope. No fisticuffs yet.)

    Let us move against them peaceably —-

    Pray that the Lame Duck session doesn't pass Card Check.

  3. Perhaps it's time to organize a "guardian angels" protectorate like Curtis Sliwa's organization to act as a buffer zone between the union goons and the human beings at these free speech gatherings.

    There must be plenty of us martial artists like Chuck Norris among the conservative movement who could position themselves between the union goons and those individuals who they are threatening. If they commit open acts of violence they could be held under citizens arrest untill the police could be called to take them into custody and charged.

    We need not be intimidated by these stooges who, in my experience, are paper tigers when their threats are confronted quid pro quo.

  4. Please watch out… That's what they want… I do agree with you. We need more video tape on them and the major networks need to open there eyes.. Our Government has gone to hell & we the people to stop them.

    Have you seen movie called

  5. First time one of the arsehats puts a hand on me, I'll put my .45 in their gut and pull the trigger. That's what more people should do to. After a couple of SEIU thugs go straight to hell, they'll back off.

  6. SEIU has shown itself to be a group of thugs on many occasions, including during the townhalls of last summer. Numerous reports and video of beat downs by the purple shirts are on record. Obviously the media does not regard it as important, the only national network to report on it is FOX. It is unlikely that many beyond this local news will even mention it, proving once again the main stream media is in bed with Obama's buddies.

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