Green Left Gloats

Australian marxist journal, Green Left Weekly went online several hours late yesterday. No doubt so they could use this obviously pre-prepared cover and several articles celebrating Hugo Chavez’s victory in yesterday’s Venezuelan elections.

Green Left is controlled by the (formerly Socialist Workers Party), Australia’s largest and most active Marxist-Leninist organisation.

The DSP is the main cheerleader in this region for Chavez and even have two party members, Coral Wynter and Jim McIlroy based in Caracas as correspondents for Green Left Weekly’s Venezuela bureau.

The quality and objectivity of Wynter and McIlroy’s reporting may be judged by this passage from the latest GLW;

….that the highlight of the day was when we saw Chavez arrive to vote at a Barrio 23 de Enero polling booth, in a bright red Volkswagen Beetle! He received a huge cheer and chants, and was surrounded by supporters. He gave a brief media conference to the press, and assured people that the election process in Venezuela was completely open, transparent and democratic.”

Reuters should give these two a job.


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2 thoughts on “Green Left Gloats

  1. No surprise about Communists and “greens” supporting Chavez. They hardly care that American oil companies such as the one owned by Joseph P. Kennedy II is keeping Chavez afloat along with Chavez’s Russian and Chinese buddies taking in on the load as well.

    So isn’t it quite hyprotical of the “Green” movement to suggest how Chavez is an environmentalist but have members of the Kennedy clan fund his regime along with other foreign investments coming into play?

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