Chavez and Sandinistas Buying Nicaraguan Election?

From the International Herald Tribune

Discounted Venezuelan diesel went on sale to city and town councils across Nicaragua on Thursday, an offer that conservative politicians have said shows there is foreign intervention in the campaign for the Nov. 5 presidential election.

The fuel was being sold by the Sandinista-dominated Association of Municipalities in partnership with Venezuela’s state-owned oil company.

While the association said it was willing to sell to towns governed by other parties, most of the cities buying the fuel are governed by the leftist Sandinistas.

Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega is currently leading in public opinion polls in advance of the Nov. 5 presidential election.

Ortega, who frequently sparred with the United States during the 1979-1990 Sandinista government, is seen as being favored by leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.


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3 thoughts on “Chavez and Sandinistas Buying Nicaraguan Election?

  1. As exhibit A, I would offer you this link taken from phil u’s website:

    Rather a helpful little website. I believe in capitalism and free trade and all the rest of it as much as the next ACT voter, but unlike you, Trevor, I feel that all countries should have the right to elect their own representatives, not just the candidates that the United States and UK agree with. You highlight that Chavez and co are interfering in an election, but you are deathly quiet about any American attempt to influence an election. Shameful.

  2. Trevor, do you write about it (or would you) when the United States tries to interfere in or gain influence in a free and democratic election? If not, why not?

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