ACT on Campus Bumper Sticker Competition

Just flogged this from the ACT on Campus Blog

ACT on Campus will soon be launching our very own bumper stickers, but after a little brainstorming we realised we required a little assistance. If you think you can come up with a better slogan than “hey youse, Labours dumb” or, “honk if you’re horny” then we need your help.

Slogans should be kept as succinct as possible so as to allow the AoC logo. They should preferably relate to politics in some way, be it in reference to liberalism, the ACT Party, ACT on Campus, or even our opponents. I should point out, if you comment on the latter, please keep it relatively respectful. We don’t want cars getting smashed up now do we?? : )

Entries close on Friday September 22nd at 5pm (NZ time). They should be accompanied by contact details. Entries must be sent to
Enter as many times as you like. The winner will be contacted by ACT on Campus at the first possible convenience.

The winner will receive one ACT on Campus prize pack, the contents of which is a closely guarded secret. We can assure contestants, it is most definitely worth winning. Then there is the glory associated with your bumper sticker slogan on cars all over town, if that doesn’t pull the ladies/guys, I don’t know what will.”


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