Aussie Communist "Peace" Activists Honoured

From the Communist Party of Australia’s “The Guardian” 29 March, 2006

Communist Party of Australia President Hannah Middleton and Central Committee member Denis Doherty have been honoured with one of Australia’s most distinguished peace awards.

The Sydney Peace Foundation has previously honoured outstanding international activists such as Indian author Arundhati Roy, Palestinian peace campaigner Dr Hanan Ashrawi and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

This year the Foundation, formed by Sydney University Department of Peace and Conflict studies, thought it important to honour significant people in the Australian community who have made a major contribution to peace work in our society.

The Sydney Peace Foundation recognised that Hannah and Denis have worked tirelessly for peace through various peace organisations such as the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition and the Hiroshima Day and Palm Sunday Committees. In particular the Foundation recognised their efforts working for the reduction of the military budget and ending Australia’s involvement in the arms trade.

The Award citation described their work as “courageous and fearless“. “For over twenty years, these citizens have committed large parts of their time to coordinating a campaign for peace with justice by opposing militarism — the idea that control can be exercised in a society by putting large numbers of people in uniform and training them to use dangerous weapons”, the citation read.

Note Hannah Middleton has also been involved with the NZ anti US bases campaign at Waihopai.


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  2. It was just posed as the opposite possibility of what Trevor claimed. See his comment about the left controlling the peace movement.

  3. Remember Anon that Communist countries generally have a massive State-run arms industry and they are very keen to export.

    So I don’t think your statement about arm manufacturers being captured by the ‘hard right’ (whoever they are) is correct


  4. I don’t doubt that most peace activists are well intentioned. Most communists are also well intentioned. But as the saying goes ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Your intentions don’t actually count-results do. The peace movement is and always has been, the tool of socialist forces. Socialism leads in the long term to neither peace nor freedom. Free enterprise and limited constitutional government gives us peace, freedom and prosperity as a bonus.

  5. That would be much appreciated. I don’t think that because some peace groups are influenced by communists that that automatically disqualifies all peace campaigners from being good, well-intentioned (and non-communist) people.

  6. Not captured by the hard left anon. Initiated, nurtured and completely dominated by… the hard left. I’ll provide some examples in future posts if you like.

  7. “There are thousands of soldiers doing it right now as we speak.”

    Is that your version of a modern-day Orwellian statement?

    I always thought that soldiers fought in wars, and that war is the opposite of peace.

    You say that the peace movement has been captured by the hard left. Is it possible that those who benefit from war ie arms manufacturers, have captured the hard right? If one is possible then surely the other is also.

  8. Nothing wrong with campaigning for peace anon. There are thousands of soldiers doing it right now as we speak.

    The “Peace Movement” is a scam.

    Whether you’re aware of it or not, the Peace Movement in NZ and every other country I’ve researched is controlled and directed by the hard left.

    I most certainly support peace, that is why I have such contempt for that monstrous fraud known as the Peace Movement.

  9. Could you answer the question? What is wrong with campaigning for peace? Should we all march demanding more war?

  10. Just to clarify, is there something about peace that you find distasteful? Or is it just the communist thing?

    I quite like peace. But I dislike communism and its adherents. Is that alright?

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