GMan Gives the Nats Some Tips

Gman has analysed the National Party and come up with a eight point plan. Pretty sensible stuff.
Here’s how he thinks the Nats should deal with ACT, NZ First and the Greens.

“Maintain policy towards the Greens, New Zealand First and ACT;

National should ignore ACT. ACT will take care of itself now that Rodney has a power base and will return to Parliament. National’s big mission will be to maximize its vote–not to do deals to help others out.

I think the two major stories of the next election will be NZ First and the Greens. Both are in clear and present danger of being wiped out.

Here’s how National should wipe them out–ignore them. Ignore them as if they were not even there. Just as I said before the election, the Greens in particular must howl cries of delight whenever National attack them because that is the only way they can get real coverage (the media will give them oodles of human interest space, but that doesn’t win votes).

Attacks from National are to the greens what sunlight is to plants. It is better to swallow a lemon now, turn off the sun and let the greens die later. Only attack or even mention the Greens when they royally screw-up, like when they light fires knowing there is a fire ban.”


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1 thought on “GMan Gives the Nats Some Tips

  1. Reasons why National lost:

    – Their tax cuts would have lead to budget deficits. Budget deficits would have lead to higher inflation resulting in higher interest rates. This turned away middle income voters. At first, National claimed that Labour got it wrong and that there wouldn’t be budget deficits. Once they realised they were wrong, Don Brash said on Face to Face that a National government would borrow around 3 to 4 billion dollars. If they had similar tax cuts but to a smaller magnitude, I am sure they would have received more votes.

    – National intentionally tried misleading the public into thinking that there weren’t going to be state asset sales by saying that they weren’t going to sell off Kiwibank or Air NZ in the 1st term. Labour pointed out during a televised debate that in National’s manifesto they plan on selling several state assets including Solid Energy.

    – National were planning on brining back market rents for state houses.

    – Labour’s student loan policy wasn’t matched by a strong alternative.

    – Many people believed that if the US were to start another controversial war, National would jump right into it.

    – Advertising that did more to make National look stupid than Labour. Billboards such as “Who will own the beaches?”, Labour: Iwi, National: Kiwi. Didn’t any National party member hear about the Hikoi? The “thank you very much” advert was comical but had little substance debate wise. The advertising was almost as dumb as Muldoon’s reds under the beds cartoon.

    All in all, National lost because they were unethical and foolish; and it showed. Winning would have been easy; and I am not just saying this in hindsight. Despite facing the likes of Mallard and Sutton they still couldn’t make themselves appear more competent. National lost because they deserved it.

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