1.5 Million Hits on New Zeal blog

On July 2, 2010 I posted to let everyone know that the New Zeal blog had been visited one million times. Today, less than nine weeks later, I’m privileged to announce that we’ve just got up to 1.5 million hits. This has been achieved through all you readers who share the articles I post on the New Zeal blog, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, email, or word of mouth. Of course thanks too, go to Glenn Beck, the Noisy Room blog, and many others.

A few more stats:

Of course, all this is made possible through the many donations of generous readers and all those out there in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Many donors give $5 – every little bit helps, and enables me to give more time to the research that I do here at the New Zeal blog, and over at KeyWiki – an encyclopaedia on the covert side of U.S. and Global politics.


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3 thoughts on “1.5 Million Hits on New Zeal blog

  1. Shalom Mr. Trevor Loudon,

    I'm Your "groupie" # 1,434,911 And proud of it !

    This comment comes to inform you that your voice is heard even HERE http://goo.gl/1JHb.

    New Zeal blog is a excellent blog and you are performing a superb job !

    Thank you, Sir !

  2. Congrats but we are hungry for truth and you are among a few that are giving it to us.Keep up the great work.GOD BLESS

  3. congratulations, trev, onward and upward, and all that.
    btw, the blokes out on Christmas Island protesting their deportation, idn't alittle –phobic
    to put 'em ON Christmas Island?
    PS– the 22yo muslim backpacker in chicago (given FAKE bomb by undercover agent) was ONLY out for profit- so says 890wls radio report- nothing to see here- let's NOT jump to conclusions. right then

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